Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Topshop Make Up

Topshop Make-Up

I LOVE IT! ok let me take a breathe and rephrase that. I LOVE IT! What can I say? I was a bit wary when I heard last year they were venturing into make-up. Awsome fashion chain, could they pull this off? Well ladies and gentlemen i have been converted!
My faves being their line of nail varnishes - they just dont chip! I am the queen of chipping my nails within hours of having that mani, but this stuff doesnt budge! Its nice to apply, paints on smoothly and stays put for ages and comes in tons of fabulous colours, my picks being Nails in Amethyst, Nails in Helter Skelter and Nails in Blue Monday.
Whilst I am singing and dancing i can't miss out on telling you about my all time best find from Topshops Make-Up collection and thats their 'All about Me' Lipstick in an Amazing Fuschia Pink. I sadly have been blessed with a set of skinny lips that without a good lipsick or gloss just dont stand out. I only get good compliments when i have this shade on. Amaze-Balls!!
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