Friday, 31 October 2014

My Top 5 Halloween Films

Now before you judge my choices, I LOVE Halloween – any holiday which involves fancy dress – count me in! I love ghost, witches, vampires etc. I love decorating pumpkins, telling ghost stories... however I am a giant wimp when it comes to scary films! I was the kid who locked herself in the toilet for 2 hours when watching Titanic at the cinema, I thought it was scary?! Yes, WIMP. So when it comes to Halloween films I turn into a giant kid! So here are MY top 5 Halloween films...
1.    Casper – who doesn’t love the friendly ghost?!
2.    The Lost Boys – this is one of my favourite all time films! I find it hilarious! Vampires, blood (ketchup) coming out of sinks, kids kicking butt... Perfect!
3.    Hocus Pocus – me, my brother and sister used to watch this all the time when we were kid! SJP as a witch, that song, Binx the Cat... perfect for nostalgic Halloween fun!

4.    Scream – did anyone actually find this scary?! I found it more far fetch and funny. Good film if you a slasher flick that will make you giggle!
5.    The witches – another reminder of my childhood! I’m pretty sure my sister had this film on repeat at one point! Such a fab film, anything that originates from a Roald Dahl book, you can’t go wrong!

What’s your favourite Halloween film? Are you getting your fancy dress on tonight?
Happy Halloween!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

#TBT Carers Week

Welcome #TBT / Throw Back Thursday! Where I am going to be delving into the depths of blog posts past and repost some of my favourites to share again with you all! As someone who has been blogging for over 2 years now, I have written over 400 blog posts, some that should probably remain hidden and some that I’m still pretty proud of and are still relevant to me. Which is why I thought it would be fun to run a #TBT series each week up until Christmas and share with you all my personal favourite old ‘Lipsticks& Lashes’ posts.
Originally Posted // 13th June 2013

Me and my Mum
There are lots of definitions of a carer, some just didn’t do the term justice, some were a bit derogative and some just pissed me off, so here is the best one I came across:
‘A carer is someone of any age who provides unpaid support to family or friends who could not manage without this help. This could be caring for a relative, partner or friend who is ill, frail, disabled or has mental health or substance misuse problems.’
I guess under this definition, I myself am a carer. I don’t tend to delve into my personal life too much on this blog, this is for many reasons which include not wanting to bore you all, wanting to keep this space positive and fun, but mainly sometimes not knowing the right words to say to explain my personal world. However this week is national carers’ week and it is a subject that is close to my heart. I feel I need to express my views on the subject and I just wanted to share with you my own experience of being a carer.
You see, my mum has Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This is something that effects people who suffer from it in many different ways and there is very limited medication to stop it. For my mum she has no feeling from the waist down and is slowly losing the use of her hands now too. This then has other knock on effects, such as having to use a catheter which then means she suffers from horrendous water infections. My mum also suffers from depression and has short term memory problems, then there’s the slurred speech thrown in for fun. It’s also one of those things where she has good days and bad days and the weather has a big effect on this, for example the heat seems to make all the symptoms worse. It’s a degenerative illness, so we have watched as little by little the MS takes more of a hold. I am not a doctor, this is just what I’ve seen my mum go through, and it affects everyone so differently.
Therefore due to my mum’s illness, I, my siblings and especially my dad have cared for my mum. She needs help with most things, she is a wheelchair and needs support going to the bathroom, having a bath, being put to bed as well a smaller things like writing and cutting up her food. I remember one summer holiday when I was younger, my dad had to work away so us children all dug in and cared for my mum. I don’t remember ever thinking of it like that, it was just something we got on with and did. Now as I’m older and especially as I recently moved back home for a bit, I have realized how much work this entails and how incredible my Dad is. I’m sure when he married my Mum 30 odd years ago he never envisioned wiping her bum one day or having to learn an encyclopedia of medication. But my Dad has and I know will continue to do this as he loves her. He works full time, however if my mum is stuck and needs him he dashes home, he does. How many people do you know who would do that without complaining?
I don’t want anyone’s sympathy, I don’t know life any other way. I have grown up with this and its part of who I am now. I think what I and my siblings have experienced growing up has made us stronger, open and more caring, worldly individuals. We all have a good sense of humour and we know how to handle uncomfortable situations in a light hearted way. You’d be surprised at how often that comes in handy! I’m also super lucky at how close my family is, and even though we are normal and drive each mad at times, I know my mum being poorly is made a lot easier to manage by us all being supportive of each other. It is funny we never really talk about this subject, id even go as far as saying it’s probably a bit of taboo, we all have the mentality of its life, let’s get on with it. On reflection it makes me wonder how many other carers think and act like this? And do they get the support they need?
The purpose of me writing this is to say that carers don’t get enough recognition, they are amazing people who put others above themselves and often go beyond the call of duty. They give however they are caring for that little bit self dignity and independence which is so important.  Also as someone whose experienced firsthand what it’s like to be a young carer, they don’t need you to feel sorry for them, they just need a bit of understanding and support. Life goes on and you have to do what you have to do. I just feel there are some amazing people out there such as carers, who often put their own lives on hold whilst looking after a loved one and we need to let them know how valued they are. If you know someone who cares for someone, take some time to offer them a cuppa and let them know they have someone who can be there for them too. A small gesture can make such a massive difference.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Glitterati by Crown and Glory - Octobers Box

As a huge fan of Crown and Glory, when I found out they ran a subscription box, called The Glitterati, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven! This is definitely my favourite subscription box that comes to my door but due to my lack of funds and a want to save, I am going to make this my last box for a while! My inner Accessory Queen is sat in the corner sulking right now and I’m in a little shock that I am actually going to do this!
Because of this I was kind of hoping this box would be a bit of a letdown to justify my decision. But no, it’s perfect, it’s Halloween themed and just beautiful!
This month’s treats included a black rose crown which is just stunning, a gorgeous animal print hair scarf. Also included was a hair band which has devil horns on it and two bronze feather clips. My personal favourite has to be the black glitter bat hair clips. They shall be worn on Friday for Halloween! Eeeek!
All these items equate to over £50 worth of goodies, so for £20 including postage it’s a bit a bargain! Sigh, I am in hair accessory heaven!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Disney Tag

I have grown up Disney, it has been ingrained in me, i cant wait to have children and make them watch all my favourite Disney films ranging from the old classics to the most recent ones. I LOVE Disney! I don’t think it matters what your age is, i think everyone has some kind of love for it. I even have the symbol for ‘Hakuna Matata’ from the lion king tattooed onto my leg!
I also think Disney may be the reason i am still single as it has given me completely unrealistic expectations of love and made me a hopeless romantic!

Therfore i couldn’t resist doing this tag ive seen on numerous other blogs! Welcome to my Disney tag...
What is the first Disney movie you remember seeing?
The very first one I remember watching is snow white, followed by sleeping beauty and cinderealla but when we were little we had pretty much every available Disney film on VHS.
What is your favourite Disney Film?

This is the hardest question ever!! My top Disney films would have to be:
Lion King
The Little Mermaid
Mary Poppins
Finding Nemo
Toy Story
I think if i had to pick one film though it would have to be Beauty and the Beast, I have watched that film over and over again growing up and even as an adult i just never get bored of it. It just such a beautiful classic!
Who is your favourite Disney Princess?
Mulan! She kicks ass! I think some of the others can be a classic damsel in distress which never really appealed to me. I like a strong minded lady who can still get the hot guy at the end!
Which Disney movie do you think is the most underrated?
Hercules, purely for the music, its so fun and upbeat and i don’t think it got enough credit!
What is your favorite Disney quote?
There are so many amazing, inspirational and beautiful Disney quotes, but i think this is probably my favourite right now... so simple yet so true.


What is your favourite Disney song?
I physically can’t pick one so here is a few that I love. I know this is a copout but there’s way too many amazing Disney tunes to be able to wind it down to just one!
Pocahontas – Colours of the Wind
Mulan – I’ll make a man out of you
Beauty and the Beast – Beauty and the Beast
Toy Story – You have a Friend in Me
Jungle Book – I want to be like you
Mary Poppins - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Which Disney character would be your best friend?
I love this question! It would have to be Timone and Pumba (they class as one, right?). They are the perfect BFF’s, they would have you in stitches and completely have you back. LOVE them!
Which Disney character would be your pet?
This is so hard! There are so many cute Disney characters! Could I open up a Disney zoo and have them all??! Hmmm I think if I had to only choose one I would go for Sven the reindeer from Frozen as he is pretty funny!
I would for you guys to have a go at this tag too! Let me know if you do it! What’s your favourite Disney film?

Monday, 27 October 2014

Motivational Monday #33

I adore today’s motivational Monday quote. Four simple things to do in order to change your life into a much happier, positive and productive one!
1.       Be impeccable with your words... I can be a terrible fail at this one. I often blurt things out without thinking. The stuff that comes out of your mouth can be so powerful and have such an effect on others. So from now on I am going to try my hardest to use my words more wisely, to try and spread more positivity rather than negativity.
2.       Don’t take anything personally... I can be ridiculously sensitive and over analyse things and yes I can end up taking things personally. When actually other people’s opinions are exactly that, it’s theirs. They make their own choices as do I and that’s all okay. I need to focus on myself not on others opinions of me!
3.       Don’t make assumptions... put your hand up whose guilty of this one?! I certainly am, I think its human nature however I strive to be a better communicator, to find out more information and to be better at expressing myself. I find the more of an open book I am, the less complicated life is.
4.       Always do your best... it’s always the best feeling to know you’ve tried the best you can, no matter the circumstances. I don’t believe in regrets as I know I always try.
I am going to try my best to live by these principles this week. What do you think of them?
Happy Monday Lovelies!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Who's in my Sidebar... October Edition

Welcome to Octobers edition of ‘who’s in my sidebar’! This month has flown by so quickly and i cant believe im sat here typing this out already! Ive has some absolutely lovely bloggers hanging out in my sidebar this month and i am so excited to introduce you all to them properly! Sundays were made for sitting down with a cuppa and browsing blogs so i hope you all take a few mintes to go and check theirs out!
First up is Giada from Miel–Cafe...
‘A freelance blog designer who wants to design cakes, writes about beauty, food, lifestyle, design, home decor, travels and a lot more.'
I have been a fan of Giada’s blog for quite a while, she is Italian and lives and blogs in Italy, yet writes in English. I love this blog for its gorgeous photography  and greay mix of lifestyle, fashion and some seriously yummy recipes just to name a few!
‘I'm Tallulah, a 20 year old girl from NZ, blogging about life, adventures, pop culture, a bit of food and a bit of whatever is on my mind!
A  blog with a great mix of everything with great pics too! Im moving to new Zealand next so a little bit of a fan of Tallulahs lifestyle posts, shes also a fellow fan of Harry Potter so whats not to love!
‘Hello there! :) I'm Dani and I'm a 23 year old Fashion Design graduate from the outskirts of London. I spend my whole life either shopping, browsing eBay for a bargain, traipsing around a car boot, or drooling over gorgeous clothes. And now I've learnt how to make my own. This is how I'm getting on, what I'm learning, and my bargains along the way.'
This is one of my favourite blogs for fashion, Dani has great style and i love her wishlists. Sadly im not sure my bank balance feels the same! ;)
Last but not least is Marie from Karma Cake...
‘I was an opera singer turned writer, but I now I’m more of a reluctant social media socialite and Karmacake is my survival guide. It's a lifestyle blog that's an honest mix of all the things that define me as an individual - and I hope that others can find some inspiration in that. Sure, you'll find thought-pieces on pop culture and beauty hacks, but you'll also learn that being yourself is totally awesome. Through my blog, I'm that girl-next-door that'll help you learn how to walk before you can run in everything life has to offer’
I completely envy Marie’s writing! She is smart, funny and honest. It a completely refreshing read and she writes about a variety of topics that have you coming back for more!
Thank you ladies for being such lovely sponsors!
If you would like to advertise with Lipsticks and Lashes in November then check out our sponsor page here! We’ve got packages to suit everyone! If you have any questions then please feel free to contact me at

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Bourjois Paris Effet 3D Volume & Shine Elixir Gloss in Orange Energic


Have you ever had a beauty or make up product that you have been using for years, not paid too much attention too, but is a complete staple in your make up bag? Mine has to be Bourjois Paris Effet 3D Volume and Shine Elixit Gloss in Orange Energic. I have been using it for years, on its own and on top of my favourite lipsticks. It one of my neglected staple items and I thought I would show it some love on here!
Okay so I know its orange, but it applies pretty neutral and I use it on top of my lippies for a bit of shine. Unlike other glosses it isn’t sticky at all and isn’t thick. It adds the perfect amount of shine and also stays put for ages! I’m not sure I would agree with the 8 hour staying power it states on the tube, but I do drink way too many cups of tea and talk way too much for any lip product to stay on that long! But it is pretty long lasting!
Another reason I love this gloss is that I used to suffer from terrible dry lips. Since using this product that problems long gone, it acts like a balm and is so nourishing and moisturising. It also smells and tastes like those ‘fruit salad’ chew sweets! Huge Bonus!
Do you have a favourite gloss?

Friday, 24 October 2014

The Happy Box Company!

I have a slight obsession with subscription boxes! I will openly admit that, but I have been getting rather bored of beauty boxes. So when this box landed on my door step I was a little bit excited!
I first came across The Happy Box Company via Twitter and rather than signing up to a subscription each box is sold separately every month for £14. Each month’s box has a different theme and this month was Afternoon Tea, this was a selling point for me as I thought it was a really lovely theme and was intrigued about what would be in the box!
My box was filled with so many cute pieces, here is what I received...
·         A craft goodie bag – mine was filled with string, pom poms, ribbon, mini pegs and pretty card. I think I’m going to make some kind of photo holder with it...

·         Heart lace doilies – I can see these being used in some kind of craft project in the near future.

·         Cake toppers – how cute are they!

·         Notebook and pencil – anyone who knows me knows that I always carry a notebook around with me. This is perfect!

·         Teapot necklace – this has to be my favourite thing in the whole box. I am a tea-aholic so adore this!

·         Love ring – another great addition to the box!

I am really glad I treated myself to this box. I’m not sure I will be getting it every month, I think I will keep an eye out for what the themes are and then treat myself!
What’s your favourite subscription box? Do you have any that aren’t beauty based that I should know about??

Thursday, 23 October 2014

#TBT An Inkling for an Inking...

Welcome #TBT / Throw Back Thursday! Where I am going to be delving into the depths of blog posts past and repost some of my favourites to share again with you all! As someone who has been blogging for over 2 years now, I have written over 400 blog posts, some that should probably remain hidden and some that I’m still pretty proud of and are still relevant to me. Which is why I thought it would be fun to run a #TBT series each week up until Christmas and share with you all my personal favourite old ‘Lipsticks& Lashes’ posts.

Originally Posted // 3rd February 2013

After hearing an interesting debate on tattoos on my local radio station this morning I have decided to air my views on this blog as it really got me thinking. I will openly declare I have a love/hate/middle of the line attitude when it comes to tattoos.

Let me explain, a women on the radio called them 'disgusting' another said it was 'de-facing yourself'. Some kind gentleman then joined in saying 'women who have tattoos are ugly and trashy'. My back was officially up! I have 5 tattoos myself and would not class myself in any of the above categories.

These are my lot:

  • My first design was the butterfly, it is placed just above my hip. I had it done on a lovely hot summers day around 7 years ago. I had just been dumped and my ex hated tattoos so in a moment of madness, throw in a best friend hyping me up and the decision was made!
  • My second, a few months later was the stars around my feet. I love the stars and am often complimented for this inking. Originally it was only around my ankle but around 2 years later I have it extended all the way down my foot. I do declare this is my favourite!
  • The dragonfly on my wrist was a result of my doodles. I was apprehensive about getting it done on my wrist as all my other designs are easily hidden. It is on the outside of my wrist so I often forget its there. It often gets mistaken for a treble clef, squiggle etc but I kind of like that! All art is interpreted differently by the viewer and why shouldn't tattoos?
  • Next up is the word 'believe' interlaced with a paper aeroplane. It is just on the side of my ribs and I had it done to remind myself to believe in myself and believe in my dreams. I strongly feel that if I believe in those 2 things I can achieve anything. I am currently looking at expanding this somehow and am looking for a good quote with the word 'believe' in. Nothings really grasped my attention yet but I will keep looking! If anyone has any suggestions please let me know?
  • Last but not least, my final piece of ink was done last year, its just above the inside of my ankle and symbolises 'Hakuna Matata'. My sister got exactly the same design in the same place. We had both been looking to get something for a while and this just suited us perfectly.
  • I love all my tattoos because they are just 'me'. I have heard people say 'Oh you will regret those when your older', well to those people I say no as they are personal. They are just as a part of me now as my right thumb, and they each have a story and meaning to me. I have no doubt I will expand my collection in the future.

    So the hater of tattoos in me.... where shall i begin? I hate, I hate teddy bear tattoos! WHY WHY WHY?!!!! I am not a fan of people getting boyfriend/girlfriend names, kids I can understand, but people who can disappear from your life or break your heart, why would you want a constant reminder?! Love Hate tattoos = so Tacky! Also I don't believe many women can get away with sleeves, don't get me wrong I have seen a few who really pull off the look and its a really cool look. However I have not seen many. Also tattoos on the face and across the jugular...Horrendous!!My personal motto is will you see if when I'm in my wedding dress?! Yes to those who know me I am ridiculously single at the moment but if or when that day comes I don't want my tattoos to be a focal point, I also love that mine can be covered up and It often surprises people that I have tattoos as apparently I don't seem 'the type'.

     On a flip note, men with Tattoos.... well in my opinion its a definite plus! I am a huge Home and Away fan, yes when I visited Oz I did make a trip to summer bay. Well my love of the show just escalated when the Braxtons moved into town, their hot bodies helped but throw in a few tattoos and id be happy to help them dry off after a surf any day! Oh and how can we forget David Beckham, Yummy!


    Am I a Hypocrite?! Yes probably, like most people I can be quick to judge others but looking at my own (OK yes small) artwork I am reminded that each to their own. One mans trash is another mans gold. Most importantly what you do to your body is a personal choice.

    Wednesday, 22 October 2014

    Nails // Seventeen Gel Colour in Pretty Bang Bang

    I have pretty much had this polish on my nails continuously for the past few months. It’s such a pretty colour and goes with the majority of my outfits. I love love love it! It’s a Seventeen Gel Colour in Pretty Bang Bang and comes out as a gorgeous indigo shade. I have raved on here before about Seventeen Gel Colours before as they are such a great find, they are long lasting and give a fantastic finish for such a bargain price.
    This colour has been fantastic for summer but I think it’s a shade that can be worn across the seasons. Do you have a favourite shade of polish?

    Tuesday, 21 October 2014

    OOTD: My Little Black Dress


    I haven’t done an outfit post in so long! I wouldn’t class myself as a particularly on trend or a fasionista. Personally, and I know I sound old but I love being comfortable. I like wearing what makes me happy not what the magazines are telling me to wear, so sometimes I get it right and sometimes I get it massively wrong! Therefore I don’t think many people would be interested in seeing what I am wearing, however I wore this outfit at the weekend and was particularly pleased with it so I thought I would share it with you all!
    So going back to the comfort thing… I love getting dressed up for a night out as much as the next girl but I can feel ridiculously self-conscious in a little dress, which means I don’t relax resulting in a bit of a blah kind of night. So I thought I would put a grungy spin on this little black dress. I paired it with a messy hair do and a denim shirt, which was from Primark a few years ago. This is so much more me! If I didn’t think my classy friends wouldn’t tell me off I would have added my DM boots to finish off the look, instead I went for my old and amazingly comfy black wedges from New Look, they have a good heels on them which is vital when your only 5ft2” yet super comfy being wedges!
    The dress its self is a black bandeau number with gorgeous gemstones on the bodice. I LOVE it! It’s from Blue Vanilla and its ones of my favourite dresses. Although it’s quite revealing so I love the denim shirt over the top, it tones it down and I feel so comfy in it.
    Do you like dressing up or are you more like me and like to add an edgier dressed down tone to an evening look?

    Monday, 20 October 2014

    Motivational Monday #32

    As someone who’s terrified of failing I adore this! These are some of the most awesome people of our time and they’ve all experienced failure at some point in their lives.
    I am on such a mission, to put myself out there, say yes to more and to experience new things! Since having this mindset life has been so much more fun and my confidence has definitely grown!
    I’m not sure there is such a thing as failure really, I think its just life’s way of challenging you and sending you down a more appropriate path!
    Happy Monday lovelies!

    Sunday, 19 October 2014

    A Lush Haul!

    Blog land has been filled with posts and tweets about the launch of Lush’s Christmas products lately. I personally did a little squeal! As much as some of their new Christmassy items sound amazing, as that was on my mind was that it meant their ‘Snow Fairy’ shower gel is back in stock! Forget the coca cola advert, this is my sign that Christmas is on its way!
    Not having a Lush shop particularly close to me, I headed online to make my purchase and ended up popping a few other of my faves into my virtual basket, so here’s what arrived in my parcel...
    Snow Fairy shower gel, £11.95 – catch the review I did last year here! I will be buying a whole ton more of this between now and Christmas to make sure I am well stocked up into the New Year!
    Tea Tree Toner Water, £7.95 – I used this religiously up until a while ago and then I decided to try something different. Different isn’t always better as I found out. This stuff is so refreshing and really keeps my face lovely and clean, I am so happy to have it back in my daily routine!
    Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, £2.75 – I don’t understand why people buy bath bombs when you can have bubble bars! This may be because I am like a 5 year old when it comes to baths and have to have mountains of bubbles! Candy Mountain smells so lovely and sweet, a real girly scent.
    Christmas Eve Bubble Bar, £2.95 – I bought 2 of these with the idea of giving them out as Christmas pressies or stocking fillers, but xmas is still a little while away so I may have accidentally used them by then!  Check out my review of the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar here!
    What’s your favourite Lush product? Can you recommend any of their new Christmas range for me to try out?

    Saturday, 18 October 2014

    Whats on my face // Party Edition!

    I haven’t done a ‘What’s on my Face / Face of the Day’ in forever, since last year I reckon?! As a beauty blogger I am pretty lame in the fact that my day to day look is pretty much standard. However I do like to ramp up my look every so often, what girl doesn’t, especially on nights out! This look is from a couple of weeks ago, I was off out for a night on the town with my girls for cocktails and dancing! I was debating whether to post this one or not as the photo isn't the best, it was taken on my phone but I really like the look and wanted to share it!

    FACE: Benefit The Porefessional, Benefit Boing Concealer in 02, Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation in Honey
    EYES: Nars Cinematic Eye Shadow in Bad Behaviour, MAC Eye Shadow in Satin Taupe, Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer, Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black, Benefit They’re Real Mascara
    CHEEKS: The Body Shop Shimmer Waves
    LIPS:  MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in All Fired Up.
    I was really pleased with this look, what do you all think?

    Friday, 17 October 2014

    Links I Love #2

    1.    Naughty dog showers baby with gifts after stealing its toys – this one had me giggling! I’m a huge dog lover so love all videos like this one!
    2.    I am beyond obsessed with dinosaurs and am completely in love with these giant dinosaur DIY framed prints. They look fab!
    3.    This dads reason for not walking his daughter down the aisle has made me go all emosh!
    4.    This kid has cancer and does a rap song to JayZ all about it – awesome way to raise awareness about this horrible illness.
    5.    These Nude photos are fantastic! The photographer switches things up and is the one who is naked whilst taking photos of his subjects’ reactions. Love this concept.

    6.    23 husbands describe the moment they knew they found ‘the one’ – the hopeless romantic in me adores this!

    Thursday, 16 October 2014

    #TBT Supermarket Shopping Rage

    Welcome #TBT / Throw Back Thursday! Where I am going to be delving into the depths of blog posts past and repost some of my favourites to share again with you all! As someone who has been blogging for over 2 years now, I have written over 400 blog posts, some that should probably remain hidden and some that I’m still pretty proud of and are still relevant to me. Which is why I thought it would be fun to run a #TBT series each week up until Christmas and share with you all my personal favourite old ‘Lipsticks & Lashes’ posts.
    Originally Posted // 13th February 2013
    I love shopping for Make Up, Clothes, Bags, and Shoes etc. Hell I even went on a shopping holiday to New York and it was heaven! However send me to a supermarket and I turn into an evil trolley bashing troll. I HATE IT!
    I used to think it was where I was single and whenever id go grocery shopping it would be full of loved up couples in the aisles pashing. Who would have thought, if you’re looking for a top romantic spot head to your local Asda! It gets worse, these loved up lumps then have to stop and kiss every few yards in the centre of the aisle so you can’t get pass or right in front of the item that’s right at the top of your shopping list so you have to wait for them to get over themselves and move on. NIGHTMARE!

    Next up is the old people, who when there is one of those trolley blockages at the end of the aisle and the one hot single guy moves to let you through, they barge past you and knock you out of the way! Then to add insult to injury they then have the cheek to turn and say than you to you! Err for what?! Allowing you to be intentionally rude! Yep sure it was my pleasure!!
    So by this point my stress levels are sky high and I've totally forgotten the reason why I entered the store and am aiming for comfort in the chocolate or alcohol aisle, whichever one is closest. Its then at this moment I usually encounter what I like to affectionately call ‘The Brats’ (all right, it’s normally something a bit ruder but my mum might read this!). They are the spawn of the devils kids and are running around like they've stepped out of a loony tunes cartoon and eaten a crate of blue smarties. They bash into you and your trolley and send you flying and are screaming louder than someone who’s being tortured in a SAW movie.  ‘Dear Parents, if you cannot control your children please don’t take them out in public to rein terror on everyone else!’ Oh and then throw in the tantruming toddler with the chav mum shouting abuse at it because you know that’s bound to calm them down. Yes kid, I understand your pain, if someone was talking to me like that I’d be taking it out on the floor too.
    Having nothing in my trolley that I came in for, and am instead laden with a ton of impulse buys that I don’t need, I head to the checkout. After waiting ages while the checkout assistant chats a load of rubbish small talk to the person in front of me, I eventually am at the front of the queue.
    Check out Lady: “would you like a hand packing?”
    Me: “Oh no thank you, I’ll be OK”
    Thinking I'm doing her a favour saving her from the job, its then like she’s taken offence to me and scans my items through at lightning speed! She then makes a big show of having to wait for me to finish packing!
    All I can say is thank the lord for the wonder that is on-line supermarket shopping! My stress levels are eternally in your debt. As for those items I need there and then I bask in the joy that my local supermarket is open 24 hours a day so I only venture in late at night to eliminate any of the previous mentioned dangers.
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