Sunday, 26 March 2017

What happened when I used coconut oil as my cleanser for a month

If you stop by this little space on the Internet on a regular basis then you will know that I have a bit of a love affair going on with coconut oil. Apart from using it as my primary oil for cooking I swear by it for my hair. I’ve regularly use it as a hair mask and leaving it on over night and I completely credit it for my hair being in a good condition especially when you think about how much bleach has been on my locks! I’ve also used it on dry patches of skin when my eczema is being a bitch  and it’s like magic!

Anyways even though I have been a coconut oil convert for a while I’ve not been brave enough to use it on my face. I’ve used facial oils for a while now but was worried coconut oil was a bit too thick and greasy for my face. However I’ve heard a lot of positive comments about coconut oil being used as a cleanser and ’m always up for giving things a go though and thought I’d try it for a month and see how I get on!

So how do I use it? I scoop of tiny bit, maybe the size of pea out of the tub and massage it into my skin. As you do this it heats up and melts and you begin to look like something from the house of wax horror film as it literally melts the makeup off your face. I then use a damp cotton pad to wipe it a off. It is a fab makeup remover and gets every last bit of mascara off, so no more waking up with panda eyes even though you’d been behaved and removed your makeup the night before! Hurrah!

It can be a little messy and you honestly don’t need much or it will melt and go EVERYWHERE! Trust me I learnt the hard way! So a month down and am I still going to carry on using it? Well I have had so many complements about my skin lately and I really think it’s down to the oil. My skin is so much softer, the eczema on my cheeks has completely gone. I still get the odd spot but only during the time of the month, and I’m totally going with the whole ‘while your getting spots you’re not getting wrinkles’ thing so I’m OK with the odd hormonal spot!

Also in terms of value for money, I purchased a large tub of coconut oil in superdrug whilst it was on offer for £5. As you only need such a small amount I’ve not even used a quarter of the tub so far and I’ve also been using it on my hair once a week so it’s going to last a long time. I think long term using coconut oil instead of whatever cleanser has taken my fancy I will be saving big bucks. Happy days!

Friday, 24 March 2017

Ebay Wish List...Pastel Home Decor

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

I have a real thing for pastel colours at the moment especially when it comes to home décor. I think it started when I recently changed my bedroom theme to grey and pastel pink. When I finally get my very own place I already know I want a pastel coloured kitchen which will include some of these items! Its going to look so cute!

Friday, 10 March 2017

Ebay Wish List... Cactus Finds

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

I’m so in love with anything Cactus at the moment! I’ve seen some stunning home décor based around cactus themes and there one of the very few plants I can actually keep alive! I would love to have a whole shelf full of cactuses one day, I think they have a cool chilled vibe about them.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

March Goals

I can’t believe its March already! Does anyone else panic when time seems to fly on by?! Although saying that I have to admit that I am loving that the mornings are getting lighter and I’m not leaving work in the dark anymore, signs summer is on its way!

So here I am looking at my March goals so it only seems right to have a little round up of Februarys goals. I got  new car – Kev the KA – I am so in love with him! Getting used to driving a manual after years of an automatic has been interesting!! But its been fun and nice t have a car that’s notes falling apart! I also got a new phone, the Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge, its awesome! After years of being in the iPhone cult I jumped ship and do not regret it at all! Its been such a good decision!

Ive failed at the whole blogging regularly, Feb has been such a hectic month with little spare time but I’m going to add this to March’s goals and will hopefully crack it! Another goal was to dye my hair grey, well I did, and failed miserable! It didn’t take at all! So I went to the hairdressers and went for a dark chocolate brown! So good bye bleach blonde ombre and hello classic shiny brown! I’m so pleased with how it looks and my hair feels so much healthier! Oooh amd a read a whole book! Go me!

Anyway looking forward lets set march’s goals.....

1.    Sign up to some freelancing websites – I’ve always said I want to expand my writing so I’m determined this is the year I’m going to do it, and if I can get paid for doing something I enjoy then bonus!

2.    Sign up for some craft fairs – Im working really hard to expand my shop Pearl Divine and want to spend some more time focusing on this and gaining sales.

3.    Blog regularly – same goal as last month but I want to crack this one! I love blogging and want to spend a bit more time on this little spot on the big world wide web. I’ve been a bit sporadic lately but want to get back to regular posts and do more reviews and lifestyle posts. With this space!

4.    Loose 4lb – ive been so poorly the last couple of months my weight training and running have taken a hit and my diets been very much one filled with comfort food. So I want to get back on it and 4lb which is a 1lb a week seems manageable.

5.     Take time to look after myself – I’m still not well with this Thyroiditis and its so tiring. Its a long term thing so I’m trying to crack on and not let it get in my way but I’m also trying to make sure I listen to my body more and look after myself when I need to. So this month I want to focus on a bit of me time, this could involve things like a glass of wine and a good book, a bit of crafting or anything that’s just relaxing.

6.    Get back running twice a week – I am determined to crack a half marathon this year so need to get back into my training so I’m setting myself the target of 2 runs a week.

7.    Read 2 books.

Wish me luck!
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