Sunday, 30 October 2016

Top Tips for Organising a Hen Do!

 This summer I organised a hen do for one of my gal pals. I have been to many a hen do but this was the first time I organised one! We ended up having a weekend away at a beautiful lodge with a hot tub and we spent the day at a spa. It was perfect and everyone had a fabulous time! However being the organiser was an eye opener! It made me realise some people are pure bonkers, I am waaay to polite and people love sharing their opinion.... so I thought it would be fun to share a few tips, words of wisdom if you will, for anyone who may have the pleasure of organising a hen do themselves sometime soon....

• find out what the brides dream hen do entails, if there was something she hates or something she has always wanted mow is the time to find out! I was told no willies from the start!

• Its not about you! Put your perfect weekend/night out into your back pocket and leave it there. Its all about the beautiful bride!

• Its the little things – I surprised the bride with a personalised ‘bride to be’ dressing gown and slippers at the spa and a got her a customised ‘mrs..... to be’ pj set! She loved it and those touches made it seem a lot more special.

• find out if there are any ‘tricky’ invitees. If they are all your mates and you know them well then you are very jammy! I had to deal with friends and family I had never met and who deemed it appropriate to ring me at 6am to tell me they refused to share a room with certain people! Real story.

• know your hen party! I had to cater for mums and god mums and was warned blow up willies were a no no! My bride was also tee-total so going to a cocktail making class (as one of the other bridesmaid actually suggested!!!) was a no go!

• Sort out the money early on! For two reasons – you don’t want to be left out of pocket and you don’t want the cost for everyone else doubling! Work out a total cost early on and add a few pounds on to cover any extras. So everything was paid for a couple of months in advance and included everything! Trust me this will save you so much agro later on!

• Have a plan before contacting everyone. Giving options is a terrible mistake! People have an opinion on everything, no one will want to do the same thing and everyone will want a different price range. Give a plan and limited options! All for an easy life!

• Have a back up plan – make sure you have a few spare games to play if you need to fill any time up as well as make sure you have a back up plan for any activities just in case anything goes wrong!

• And finally the most important tip I can give you is to learn to smile and bite your tongue! You cant please everyone, just focus on making the bride happy!

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Pretty in Pink // Bedside table upcycle

I love checking out upcycling projects on Pinterest and various blogs and I love a good crafting session, however I’ve never been brave enough to take on a piece of furniture and upcycle it myself. This is, until now!

My poor bedside table was purchased from B&Q about 8 years ago and has followed me round many numerous accommodations’ and as you can imagine was looking a little battered! The white paint on the top surface was peeling off and compared to my other pieces of furniture (its a giant mish mash of various pieces) it didn’t really fit anymore. So I decided to challenge myself and see what I could create, I figured it couldn’t look any worse than it already!

I’ve got a thing about the colour pink at the moment, after many years of being a tom boy I am finally embarrassing the colour and I love it! I’ve unconsciously been gaining more and more pink things for my bedroom and it now got a pink and grey theme happening. So I decided to fully embrace that and incorporate it into my cabinet. I therefore chose to go for a baby pink base with a marbled top.

To get the look, I decided spray paint would be a lot easier than actual paint, which I think is true but you may get a nicer Finnish with paint? Unsure on that one! I was patient, very unlike me I know and used a spray paint primer as a base. I did a couple of coats of this to make sure it was even. Once the primer was dry I then used the pink spray paint, and did three coats over all. I think finished it with a clear gloss top coat.

For the top I found some marble print laminate sticky paper in B&Q. I absolutely love this stuff and think it looks fab! It was quite easy to apply, you just need to make sure you squish all the air bubbles out!

I love the final look so much! On pay day my plan is to treat myself to a industrial style pink table lamp to Finnish off the look! What do you all think? Are you an upcycler?

Sunday, 23 October 2016

20 Reasons Why I LOVE Autumn!

1.       Halloween!! I love any excuse to dress up and party! I am currently prepping my little red riding hood outfit – think the grimms brothers rather than Hans Christian Anderson....
2.       Fireworks – one of my most favourite things ever! I love a good fireworks show, there’s something very magical about them!
3.       Log fires – cosy and romantic
4.       Candles – I love snuggle evenings with lots of candles lit around the room. There set such a relaxing mood.
5.       Lazy days
6.       Netflix- am I the only person who can’t do Netflix binges in the summer as I feel too guilty being inside on a nice day?! Although that all changes at this time of year!
7.       Autumn leaves, the colours of the trees are pretty spectacular
8.       Blankets and lots of them!
9.       Chai Latt├ęs – forget hot chocolates this is what autumn is all about...
10.   Crisp air – its so fresh and energising
11.   Wrapping up warm
12.   Berry lips and Smokey eyes
13.   Pumpkins
14.   Fuzzy socks
15.   Wellies and long walks
16.   Thick winter pyjamas
17.   Cosying up with a good book
18.   Oversized jumpers
19.   Darker evenings

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