Sunday, 15 January 2017

8 Reasons Why I am a Shit Blogger...

**Dramatic blog post title alert**. So I’ve been blogging for around 4 years now, which to be frank is quite possibly the longest I’ve stuck with anything. I really do enjoy love blogging, however I am well aware that I am not your typical blogger and definitely don’t fit in the ‘in blogging crowd’, and here is why....

1.     I don’t have any white walls or floors in my house, or any fresh flowers (feel free to send me some!). My house is messy. There is dust and everything! My floors are cheap brown wooden laminate – just in case you wanted to know?!

2.     I’m not sat on twitter 24/7 – I’m so out of the loop with the latest twitter dramz. I forget when chats are happening and can very easily forget to check my twitter account for a few days, ok, ok... weeks.

3.     I don’t own all the latest beauty products to do all the latest up to date reviews – how the hell do people afford to do this?!

4.     I hate having my photos lf my myself on my blog – I cringe a bit m the inside when I do put the  up.

5.     I forget to blog regularly, when people chat about their blog schedules I’m like WTF?! If I can get my act together to blog more than once a week I give myself an actual high five.

6.     I spend an unhealthy amount of time in my PJ’s and when I am like all properly dressed I md to have a standard jeans, tee and converse look that would get pretty boring if I were to venture into talking about fashion over here.

7.     I don’t own a marble table, faux marble table cover or a marble pot... I don’t own anything marble, genuine or fake.

8.     Bloglovin followers. Twitter analytics. Bounce rate. GFC followers. ALL THE NUMBERS. I am clueless, I have no idea what half of it means!
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