Sunday, 11 October 2015

Plans for Australia... A Rough Itinerary...

3 weeks and counting!!!! If you pop by this blog regularly you may have picked up on the fact that I am heading to Australia for the whole of November! One of my amazing friends lives out there and I'm heading out there to attend her wedding. I am ridiculously excited and as an added bonus I'm one of her bridesmaids! So I leave the UK on the 30th October and arrive in Oz on the 1st December, slightly terrified about the long journey by myself. I think it's more about boredom than anything else, I may become a crazy lady who starts chatting to myself! Any ideas on how I can entertain myself would be very welcome!

So this post is all about sharing with you my rough itinerary! I say rough as it's still a work in progress, I have internal flights and hotels / hostels booked, but the day to day and places to visit are still in the planning stages. Before I go any further I better also state that I have been to Australia many years ago, I backpacked from Cairns down the east coast to Sydney. I had an awesome time but did it on the smallest budget ever so didn't necessarily get to do and see everything I wanted. So this trip, as well as attending the wedding of the year, I want to see a bit more of the country.

So the first two weeks will be spent with my friends, catching up, doing all things wedding and spending time with her family who I've not seen in so long. It's going to be so lovely and special. The wedding is on the Gold Coast about an hour from Brisbane.

After my two weeks of all things Wedding I am then flying down to Sydney to meet one of my besties from home whose flying out for my last two weeks to travel around with me. We are going to spend 5 days in Sydney, staying a hostel. Sydney is hopefully going to involve the opera house, darling harbor, trips to Bondi Beach and Manly and maybe a surfing lesson thrown in? For the last whole weekend in Australia we are going to fly out to Uluru to see Ayres Rock. We have booked to stay in this very fancy hotel, which will be lush after a few nights in a hostel. Whilst there for 3 nights, I really want to do one of the sunrise or sunset trips which look incredible.

From Uluru we are then heading down to Melbourne for 5 days, I'm particularly excited about this bit of my trip as I never made it here last time and it was something I wish I had done, therefore I'm feeling pretty lucky that I get to have this experience! Ideas for Melbourne include visiting Ramsey Street (sorry! Not sorry! Huge Neigbours fan here!), heading to a local winery and checking out the graffiti art that's famed in the city. 

Then it will be time to head home! Boo! This thought already makes me feel sad! Luckily I'll be home to get swept up with the crazy Christmas spirit that tends to sweep up December so already have a few party's booked in to look forward to! 

Have you been to Oz? Any suggestions of what other things I can add to my itinerary? Do I have any massive holes here?? All help seriously welcome! 

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