Tuesday, 26 January 2016

30 before 30 Bucketlist -Did I Complete It?

HOLY SHIT! I’ve been 30 for 2 and a half weeks!! Waaaaaaah!! This absolutely terrifies me as for numerous reasons. I think this is partly due to the fact I think in my head I’m still 17, I certainly don’t feel mature enough to 30. 10 years ago if you asked me what I thought I would be doing ten years from now my reply would have been along the lines of ‘be in a job I love, own a house, married with babies’, damn you Disney for making me want the fairy tale! Instead of any of this I’m now 30 and live in my parents loft and am in a bit of a rut. I guess I also thought I would have achieved a lot more by now. Don’t me wrong I have no regrets, I don’t believe in them and have had the most awesome experiences, travelled to some incredible places so I really can’t complain. My life is pretty great I just need some changes and new challenges and that’s where this 30 before 30 list stemmed from.

I also better state for the record that turning 30 is definitely not the end of the world, it has been ridiculously fun so far and I think I am going to like my flirty thirties. I am feeling confident and happy and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

So if you’ve been a visitor to Lipsticks and Lashes for a while, you will know that for all the reasons above, a year and a half ago I created a bucket list of 30 things I would love to achieve before I turn 30. It was a wide variety of things that I have wanted to do for a while but for whatever reason have been a lame ass and haven’t done yet. They were all things that I felt would help me make the most of life and make me a better person. Now I am 30 I thought id better give you all the low down of how I got on with completing my bucket list, so here’s where I got to…

1. Start dating...  yeah, so, umm, I went on numerous dates and they were all a bit disastrous and I am pretty adamant now there are no nice men on dating websites, they are either bonkers, needy or just wanting to send you willy pictures. So anyone know where I can meet a nice, funny, handsome man without going on tinder or pof then please shout! All tips greatly received!

2. Go indoor skydiving. I so nearly did this a while back when I was in Manchester! Sadly there just wasn’t enough time to do it! I’m going to definitely ass this to my 40 before 40 list!

3. Cook one dish a week from scratch... I smashed this one! Wahoo! Over the past 6 months I’ve really embraced clean eating and am feeling so much better for it! My eczema has cleared up my under active thyroid seems to have levelled out and I have so much more energy. This means I am cooking from scratch, I usually do a massive batch cook on a Sunday now so I can’t slack in the week when I am juggling two jobs and don’t have time to cook.

4. Say yes more! To any opportunities that come my way. – This is an ongoing one and I think I’ve been embracing it pretty well! It’s a great way to put myself out there more and I have had so much fun doing this! I do love this one and it’s definitely going to be continued, it’s pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to experience new things.

5. Learn to long board – I have a long board and am working on it! I am a giant wimp and keep jumping off before I think I’m going to fall off! I have zero sense of balance so it’s been fun! I even had a little skate crew going in the summer which was so much fun, especially when we followed it with hot chocolates in the pub garden!

6. Try a roller derby – Failed this! Boo!

7. Visit Disney World in Florida. Hmm I think this one will be scooting over to my 40 before 40 list as I had no funds to pull this one off! Or any annual leave left to take it with for that matter!

8. Start a ‘grateful’ diary and record 3 things I am happy for every day. – So I started this one but then kind of failed miserable! I just keep forgetting to do it! It has made me realize how important it is to take a moment every so often to appreciate things a bit more, especially when I’m having a bad day!

9. Buy a house – Nope definitely not done this, still in the parents freezing loft….

10. Try Paddle boarding. – Tried it and loved it! Can’t wait for summer to try it again!

11. Start a successful Etsy Shop – a work in progress! Its up and running now (Check out Pearl Divine here) and I am constantly adding new bits, so I hope with hard work it may become successful!  

12. Write a book – I’ve started writing and I love it, just wish there was hours in a day so I could get more done!

13. Live abroad for a month – COMPLETED!! This was awesome! I spent last November in Australia (Blog posts coming soon, I promise!) and it was magical! I spent two weeks on the Gold Coast for a friends wedding, a week in Sydney a week in Ayres Rock and a week in Melbourne. To say I am still suffering with post holiday blues would be an understatement!

14. Get down to a clothing size 12 – I have dropped a stone and a dress size but still not near a size 12, however I am feeling a thousand times more body confident than when I first wrote this, which I thinks an achievement in itself!

15. Run a 10k – COMPLETED! In a respectable 1hour and 20 mins! My next challenge is a half marathon…. From someone who couldn’t run 2 minutes without collapsing when I started in May last year, I am pretty pleased with this one!

16. Do a painting on a canvas – I am behind with this one! I have bought a canvas and some neon acrylic paints!! I can’t wait to have a play with them. If it looks half decent I might even share the final painting here!

17. Go to a music festival – COMPLETED!! I went to a small festival called Blissfield’s last weekend for a friends hen do! I had the best time and determined to head to a few more next year!

18. Visit Machu Piccu – Lack of funds mean this hasn’t happened… YET! Its definitely one I have to do!

19. Fall in love and be loved – see no1

20. See the northern lights – not yet 

21. Visit Ireland – DONE! I was super lucky and for my 30th birthday we ticked this one off by heading to Dublin! I went with a group of girl friends and had a blast! The best way to turn the big 30!

22. Try Wakeboarding – I’ve tried it and LOVED it!! I found out a local lake is all set up for wakeboarding and I went along for a lesson and it was so much fun! I’m planning to go again this year!

23. Start an art class – didn’t manage this one but I am dropping a few evening sessions at work this year so hoping this may be something I can pick up then!

24. Learn to Surf – Nope, still not managed this one!

25. Learn another language – or this one…

26. Learn the ukulele – there is a local Ukulele group that meets in the local pub, I’ve been to a few sessions now! I am really bad at learning to play but its good fun! I’ve learnt I am just not musical!

27. Figure out some sort of career path and be happy with whatever it may be. – Still working on this!

28. Make a drift wood coffee table – I really really want to do this one, so its going straight onto my 40 before 40 list!

29. Read one book every month – COMPLETED!! I hope to continue this as it’s such a fun way to relax and switch off.

30. Go to New Zealand – I was hoping to do this in March this year but due to a severe lack of funds it’s had to be scrapped! Gutted but I still hope to visit one of these days!

I would say that’s about half completed, and half not managed or still working on. I am pretty pleased with this! I’ve loved having a few goals and working to achieve my 30 before 30, being able to tick them off as done is such an achievement! I am now working on my 40 before 40 list! I will post it here when I have decided on everything I want to be on there!

Do you do lists like this? Do you have any suggestions on what should be on my next bucket list?


  1. I think you have done incredibly well. And with all the 'visit x' ones, you only made the list last year. If you'd have visited all those places, you would barely have been at work to earn the money to pay for them! One long haul trip per year?x

  2. Sounds like you've done so well with your list!! Running 10k sounds like a challenge but your time sounds really good! I can 100% recommend NZ it's an awesome place!

    Katie // ZZ&H

  3. I love reading stuff like this, congratulations on doing so well on your list!

    Lauren - Blonde Vision

  4. Well done for the ones you've completed 👏🏾.. Hopefully you find Mr Right too

  5. eek I want to do one of these now! might have to nab a couple of your ideas too! congrats on those you completed :)

    www.Barely There Beauty.com | British Beauty & Lifestyle blog


  6. Looks like you've done pretty well, I think we always cram in more than time and money actually allows us to do but you've definitely managed to do a lot!

    I love the sound of all the watersports you've got involved in and the ones you still plan to! I lived in Cornwall for 13 odd years and I never utilised the watersport opportunities like I should have done, I try to not treat it as a regret because I've plenty of time!

    Good luck with all your next goals! Have you tried the day zero challenge? I've got one on my blog at the moment and there's such a mixture of things to achieve on there, I hope I do as well as you!

    Issy | MissIsGoode xox


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