Tuesday, 11 August 2015

20 things that make me happy!!!

1. Sunshine - everyones so much more happier and energetic when the sun is shining!

2. Pretty flowers - the more colourful the better!

3. My girl friends - if im ever need a good laugh or cheering up i know all my girl friends are there to make me smile.

4. Family - i love them all so dearly

5. Exercise - hitting my exercise goals and getting those endorphines moving, always makes me happy!

6. Pug gifs - never fail to make me laugh! I want a pug so badly!

7. Disney films 

8. Books - getting lost in a story...

9. Bags - i have a crazy amount of bags!

10. Cuddle / hugs - I never used to be a tactile person but over the past few years this has massively changed and I love a good hug or cuddle now! There's something about it that just makes me feel all warm and gooey. It's also scientifically proven that a good hug raises your endorphines, those happy chemicals so therefore hugs are super good for you! 

11. My 3 dogs - all of whom are completely bonkers

12. Peanut M&Ms

13.Cider - usually drunk along the harbour in the sunshine - perfections
14. A good old G&T.
15. Snail Mail - i love getting hand written letters in the post! Theres just something so lovely about it, hence why i run the snail mail project.
16. The Sea
17. Thor - Hello Chris Hemsworth!
18. Travelling - im so lucky to have seen some amazing places and cant wait to see more of this wonderful world
19. Tea - you cant beat a goof old cuppa!
20. Wedding proposals - i love wasting time checking out wedding proposals on YouTube. They properly make me blub happy tears!


  1. I share 1,2,8,10,14,16,18,19 with you :-)

  2. I totally agree with these - the sunshine, flowers, reading, working out and being by the sea make me really happy! As well as my family, boyfriend and dogs hehe xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. This is such a lovely and positive post, I always enjoy reading things like this :) I got a bunch of flowers on sunday for the first time in ages and they've been putting such a smile on my face each time I walk into the kitchen :)
    Love Holly x


  4. Yep, I'm with you on most of these!!! Nice to see you blog!!!x

  5. PERFECT! A nice bunch of flowers and some cider hahah I would love a pug they are adorable xx

  6. I'm a bag hoarder too! Actually, I prefer the term "Connoisseur" or "Collector". So much more professional than a shopaholic with a limitless credit card.
    Aria | Girl in a Whimsical Land

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