Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Life Lately...

I haven’t done a life lately post in so long! I really enjoy doing them so thought I would throw one T you guys today! So here’s what’s been happening in my word lately!

1.      Game of Thrones – okay so I am like 10 years behind everyone but I’ve finally got round to watching this awesome show and I can’t believe I waited so long! I have real issues sitting and watching box sets when the weathers nice and I can be out. I get such bad FOMO. This leads to a massive ‘to watch list’ ready for the autumnal months when all I want to do I hibernate! I don’t feel as guilty hiding away at this time of year. Anyways, I’ve just finished season 3, my gorgeous Rob Stark has just met his death and I’m traumatized and unsure if I can carry on. However I’m assured it keeps getting better and better, I just need to learn not to get attached to ANY characters!

2.      Leopard Print- I bloody love leopard print and always have, however I feel this may have escalated lately! I picked up this gorgeous faux leather jacket from New Look the other day on a whim. Its a beauty, I love the leopard print collar. I’m definitely going to be adding to my leopard print collection over the next few months..

3.      Arrow –  another box set I’m indulging in...  I am half way season through season 3 and have the worlds biggest crush on Oliver Queen -he is FIT. If you love a good old vigilante story then I definitely recommend this for you! He’s topless ALOT which also helps!

4.      Fireworks – or autumn in general! I suffer from SAD so really struggle brain wise but still love all the aspects of autumn especially fireworks night! I love a good fireworks show and last Saturday was no different! I went down to our local beach with some friends to watch a display. It was a great evening. There’s something very magical about fireworks and k love the cold crisp air of this time of year.

5.      CHRISTMAS -OMG I am beyond excited for Christmas already!!! I have started Xmas shopping and have been writing my Christmas cards already! This time last year I was on a beach in Oz which was awesome but I really missed the build up to Christmas which I love way more than the actual day itself! So I am planning to make the most of it this year!

6.      Diet Coke – if you follow this blog on a regular basis you will know I have a slight addiction to diet coke... I drink waaay too much of the stuff but you can currently buy Diet Coke and do a bit of a good deed in doing so as Diet Coke has paired up with Asda to support Tickled Pink, to raise money for Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now. I cause that means a lot to me. They have 58,000 limited edition 30 can Diet Coke multipacks available exclusively in Asda and 40p from each purchase will go towards Tickled Pink... so if you fancy a doing our bit, pick up a pack!

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  1. I only saw one episode of Thrones which was a very BIG episode! Glad you have lots of positive things!x


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