Monday, 6 February 2017

February Goals...

Hello and Happy Monday! As I mentioned in yesterdays post I’ve been in a bit of a rut and this year I’m trying to promote lots of positive change in my life and be a bit more productive. I know a lot of bloggers do monthly goals posts and I love to read them and I think by doing my own version ill be stating to the universe what I’m aiming for and it will hopefully spur me on! I’m also shocking at doing series posts over here, I get bored pretty quickly so we shall see how many of these I do but I’m excited to get started!

So here are my goals for February...

1.      Buy a new car and sort out the old one – I’m half way through this one already – I’ve put down a deposit on such a cite little KA. Its just got to go through an Mot and a service then it shall be mine! I’m so in love with it already!

2.      Get a new phone – my phone is driving me up the wall! I have an iPhone 5s and the storage is horrendous and I really don’t like the camera. I’m also having to buy extra data each month as my allowance is pretty lame so I’m spending a small fortune! ANNOYING!! Luckily for me I’m due an upgrade however I’m clueless when it comes to technology so I’m unsure what to go for. I’m falling out of love with Apple at the mo and would like a change so I’m thinking about a Samsung Galaxy 7. Any advice or suggestions on this one would be hugely welcome?!

3.      Blog regularly – I love blogging and want to spend a bit more time on this little spot on the big world wide web. I’ve been a bit sporadic lately but want to get back to regular posts and do more reviews and lifestyle posts. With this space!

4.      Colour my hair grey – I love the grey hair trend that’s doing the rounds and I really really want a grey ombre look. There’s two catches to this – my hairs a mess at the Mo, its a weird orange colour and needs a bit of bleach work done before I can go for the grey. So I’m not 100% confident I can do a home job on it but I am going to give it a try!! Eeeek!!

5.      Edinburgh – okay so this is a give, I’m heading there next week and I’m so blinking excited!! The furthest north I’ve been is Liverpool so I’m so happy to be finally venturing to Scotland. Its a bit one on my bucket list and I want to enjoy every minute of if.

6.      Take time to look after myself – I’m still not well with this Thyroiditis and its so tiring. Its a long term thing so I’m trying to crack on and not let it get in my way but I’m also trying to make sure I listen to my body more and look after myself when I need to. So this month I want to focus on a bit of me time, this could involve things like a glass of wine and a good book, a bit of crafting or anything that’s just relaxing.

7.      Read a book – I have a massive to read list and have been slacking with it so I really want to get back into reading and want to read at least one whole book this month.

Wish me luck!!

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