Sunday, 7 July 2013

DIY: T-shirt Embellishment

I like my T-shirts loose and slouchy. The current styles tend to be very fitted which when you’ve got a few squidgy areas you don’t want enhanced it’s not a great look! I was recently given this cool Jaws T-shirt by a friend. It’s from H&M and is part of their men’s range. I know for some lovely ladies out there that’s a bit of a no no. But I figured if I can make it a bit individual and its comfy then who cares! So I got out my sewing kits and did this.....
Items Needed:
A T-shirt
Cotton and Needle
Various sized and shaped Studs (You can purchase these super cheaply on eBay)
What to Do....
1.       I began by playing with the sleeves. I folded them up and put some stitches in to keep them in place. I think this takes away the men’s looking sleeve and makes its look a bit more feminine.

2.       I had some square studs and framed the picture putting them in a design in the bottom corners. To use the studs you push them into place and then use the pliers to bend the edges into place. It is really easy to do!

3.       I also have some star studs which I have wanted to use for a while so I placed them within the word ‘jaws’ and thought it would also be fun to put them in the sharks teeth!
I’m really pleased with the final look and have loads of complements on my tee! Have you done something similar?


  1. I love stuff like this! Can't beat a good slouchy oversized t-shirt. x

  2. Love this! I need to embellish some old shirts to perk them up for fall.


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