Sunday, 21 July 2013

OOTD & FOTD as well as a 10 Mile Midnight Walk!

Hope everyone’s had a fab weekend enjoying this beautiful weather? I definitely have had a busy one! Yesterday I began my day quite early, I belong to our local rowing club so was up and out first thing for a row out in the bay. It was a beautiful morning but very wavy!

After getting my exercise fix I was off to meet a couple of friends who I have known for years, one of them lives in Bristol and had come down to visit for the weekend. We went for lunch along the harbour which included a few Bellini’s, why did I not know how good they are before this day?!
We then ventured to the beach for a good ice cream and a paddle. I had a fab afternoon with the girls, there’s nothing like good friends to put a massive smile on your face and there were definitely lots of giggles!
DRESS: River Island- £35 - find it HERE
I bought this fab midi dress from River Island last week after seeing fellow blogger Hayley over at Tea Party beauty post a pic of it up on twitter. I fell in love with it at first sight! This heat wave wove recently been enjoying has highlighted that I have limited summer friendly clothing. I normally wear jeans and tees but I’ve been melting so I’ve been looking for some nice summer dresses. This is easier said than done! At 5ft2” I have trouble with maxis as they are waaaaay too long, and dresses that are supposed to rest just above your knee rest under mine and look a bit daft! However I think the Midi dress may be my saving grace!
I love the colour and print of this dress and its lightweight and loose fitting. Perfect for this weather with a pair of sandals. I’m also looking forward to wearing it in cooler weather with a pair of black ankle boots and a denim shirt on top.
Peace Necklace - Old - Miss Selfridge
Quartz Necklace - Delilah Dust - Find it HERE
The jewellery is two necklaces I’ve layered together. I do this quite a lot, for this look I have a peace necklace from Miss Selfridge, I do like their grungy jewellery range. The quartz necklace is from Delilah Dust. I fully recommend you all taking a look at their website, they do some gorgeous handmade pieces and I know own quite a few!
For my make up I decided to go for a natural look. I didn’t wear any base or foundation as I don’t really tend to in the summer. I’d rather let my (limited) tan shine through and give my skin a bit of a break. Therefore I just concentrated on the lips and eyes.
EYES: MAC Eye Shadow in Tempting, Topshop Precision Eyeliner in Black, Benefit They’re Real Mascara
LIPS: Topshop Lip Bullet in Joyride
I then headed home, but no rest was allowed I was soon off again for the Midnight Walk in aid of Weldmar Hospice which is a local charity that provides specialist palliative care. They do an amazing job and locally I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had or known someone they love or care about being taken under their wing and making sure those last few days are comfortable and supportive as possible for the whole family.
Myself and a group of friends walked the 10 miles and it was a truly incredible experience. We were all given a t-shirt and some flashing bunny ears, visually it looked magical with over 900 walkers. I was truly inspired by some real heroes walking it whilst fighting their own battles with cancer and other illnesses. Words can’t explain how amazing it was!
After getting home at around 5am I have spent most of today lazing on the sofa chilling and writing blog posts for the upcoming weeks. My feet are most definitely aching today and I have a gigantic blister on the heel of my foot, together I’m now walking a bit like a duck!
Overall I’ve had such a fantastic weekend, and am feeling really blessed by my fab friends and family!


  1. ahh this print is really cute! I've been loving all this summery weather we've had!! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend :)

    Hannah xx

    1. Thanks lovely! I had a fab weekend thank you! xx

  2. The walk looks like great fun - if not slightly tiring! I bet rowing is lovely in summer.
    Thanks for tweeting me your blog - I'm now your newest follower! :) x

    1. It was tiring! Im still shattered now! Rowing is amazing esp in summer! so lucky to live by the seaside!
      Thank you so much for the follow xx

  3. I love the dress, it looks so summery! And its a great thing the weather was so good!
    The walk sounds incredible! Well done!

    Rachel x x

    1. I love the dress so much! The walk was such an awesome experience! xx

  4. Nice photographs! The walk sounds amazing! Sounds like your having a good time! x

  5. Thank you for blogging this Gemma. We're glad you enjoyed the walk :)

    1. Its my pleasure! You guys are the ones deserving of the massive thanks for all the amazing work you! The walk was a really amazing experience and cant wait to do it all again next year! xx

  6. I love this dress on you, it looks ever so pretty. And well done to completing the walk, it sounds as though it was an amazing experience :) xx

    Danielle || Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

  7. Your dress is so pretty :) I love the colour and pattern! Well done on your walk for such a good cause too :) x

  8. This dress is just gorgeous, I love the blue colour. So pretty on you x



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