Monday, 2 March 2015

Motivational Monday // March

I was originally going to write this as a separate post along the lines of ‘when life gets in the way’ or ‘struggling send help’ but then I stopped and reminded myself that I write these motivational Mondays to keep me thinking positively and looking at the good rather than the bad.

You may or may not have noticed that I have been a little AWOL lately, February has been pretty pants if I’m honest. I spent the first 3 months feeling horrendously ill with bronchitis, I did manage to go to work but all free time was spent in bed sleeping. Then the last week of February, I have had a nightmare with work so all my time and energy has been spent dealing with that. My healthy diet and exercise went out the window and blogging was pretty much a non starter. I was unable to promote The Bloggers Snail Mail project as much as I usually would, so this round is super quiet compared to previous rounds and my emails are stacking up and all are unanswered. This has made me feel so sad and fed up. I’m usually pretty on the ball but all this has made me loose motivation.

So I have decided this is a new month and it’s going to a good one! Yesterday I booked my flight to Australia, I am going for a month in November as a good friend of mine is getting married. I also signed up for a 10k run in September to get me back on track with my fitness goals. And do you know what, I have started to feel good again! Positivity spreads positivity and sometimes you need to fight to regain control of everything around you.

I have decided to challenge myself to write a blog post a day this week, I won’t post everyday but will schedule some for next week as well as this one. I want to get back into blogging, as I hate leaving this little space on the interweb unattended, it feels like I’m neglecting a child!

I also going to look for the good in everything, I once read if you can think of 3 things every day that you are grateful for, it will help you to train your brain to be more positive. There are so many blessings in life, sometimes we just need to look a little harder for them.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Life has a tendency to pile up on us. Regardless of how much you were able to promote it, this round of Blogger Snail Mail will be great! And yay! for trips to Australia! Happy Monday :)

    Amanda |


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