Friday, 20 February 2015

Wish List // Victoria's Dress

I feel ridiculously old now, my prom was 13 years ago! In my day job I’ve come across a lot of young people who are planning their proms and a big thing is the dress. When I had my prom, firstly proms weren’t such a big thing back then and secondly I really didn’t like school so I did go to my prom but made very little effort! I had my hair all pinned back, did makeup myself and worse a very plain purple dress. I don’t even have a photo to share with you all! I was also a bit of a tom boy back then so getting dressed up was a pain in the back side!

However nowadays it’s a different story, I wish as an adult I had some fun balls or proms to get dressed up for as I am seriously suffering from a lot of dress lusting lately... I don’t think being laid up for 3 weeks with bronchitis has helped, it’s given me a lot of time to mooch at pretty dresses on my ipad whilst tucked up in bed!

I recently came across the website ‘Victoria’s Dress’ which is full of beautiful wedding dresses, evening dresses and prom dresses (A lot of which happen to be on sale right now!). I am seriously swooning right now!

Above are a few of my favourite dresses from their website, the yellow one reminds me of belle from beauty and the beast, best Disney movie ever. The cobalt blue dress is just stunning and screams class at me, and the skirt on the peach one is just way too pretty. My ultimate favourite one has to be the mint green dress, I love the pastel shade, the gorgeous skirt and the beautiful embellished top. To me it’s the perfect mix of modern vintage, is that a thing?! It’s definitely my dream dress! 

Now would anyone like to invite me to something where I can swan around in one of these beauties?!


  1. The good thing about being a musician is you get to wear prom dresses, although most of the time they are black! My church used to have Valentines balls so we could get dressed up, I loved them!!!! Another friend had a black tie dinner party so we had to come dressed up!!!
    I hope you feel better soon.x x


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