Thursday, 9 July 2015

30 Things To Do Before I'm 30 Update #2!

HOLY SHIT! I TURN 30 IN 6 MONTHS!!! Waaaaaaah!! This absolutely terrifies me as for numerous reasons. I think this is partly due to the fact I think in my head I’m still 17, I certainly don’t feel mature enough to be nearly 30. 10 years ago if you asked me what I thought I would be doing ten years from now my reply would have been along the lines of ‘be in a job I love, own a house, married with babies’, damn you Disney for making me want the fairy tale! Instead of any of this I’m nearly 30 and live in my parents loft and am in a bit of a rut. I guess I also thought I would have achieved a lot more by now. Don’t me wrong I have no regrets, I don’t believe in them and have had the most awesome experiences, travelled to some incredible places so I really can’t complain. My life is pretty great I just need some changes and new challenges as I’m a bit lost at the moment.

I also better state for the record that I don’t think turning 30 is the end of the world, I fully intend to embrace it, I just want to insert some fun into my life and turn things up a notch!

So for all the reasons above a year ago today (who fast has that gone!) I created a bucket list, a list of 30 things I would love to achieve before I turn 30. It’s a wide variety of things that I have wanted to do for a while but for whatever reason have been a lame ass and haven’t done yet. They are all things that I think will help me make the most of life and make me a better person and I though now would be a good time to give you a little update on how I’ve been getting on...

1. Start dating... my love life is drier than the Sahara desert, mainly due to the fact I don’t put myself out there. – At the beginning of this year my friends staged an intervention here! That’s how lame I have been about it! They signed me up for plenty of fish, and I went on numerous dates which was AWFUL!!! I have no idea how people meet normal men using that site?! So I’ve taken a step back and decided to have a summer of fun and maybe try again in the autumn. You never know I may meet a super hot man between now and then (pretty please?!)

2. Go indoor skydiving. I so nearly did this a while back when I was in Manchester! Sadly there just wasn’t enough time to do it!

3. Cook one dish a week from scratch... I live off toast at the mo.... I am working so hard on this one at the moment! I’ve you’ve been following my monthly health and fitness posts you’ll know my diets the slight blip in the mix there so I have been trying to eat more clean meals and have become slightly obsessed with trying out Deliciously Ella recipes!

4. Say yes more! To any opportunities that come my way. – This is an ongoing one and I think I’ve been embracing it pretty well! It’s a great way to put myself out there more and I have had so much fun doing this!

5. Learn to long board – I have a long board and am working on it! I am a giant wimp and keep jumping off before I think I’m going to fall off! I have zero sense of balance so it’s been fun!

6. Try a roller derby

7. Visit Disney World in Florida. Hmm I think this one will be scooting over to my 40 before 40 list as I have no funds for this at the mo! Or any annual leave left to take it with for that matter!

8. Start a ‘grateful’ diary and record 3 things I am happy for every day. – So I started this one but then kind of failed miserable! I just keep forgetting to do it! It has made me realize how important it is to take a moment every so often to appreciate things a bit more, especially when I’m having a bad day!

9. Buy a house - this may change to just moving out of the parents (again) into any sort of rented accommodation! If only money didn’t have to be an issue!

10. Try Paddle boarding. – I am booked in for a beginner’s lesson in this on Friday!!! Eeeeek!!!

11. Start a successful Etsy Shop – I’ve started this one already but my aim is to make it successful! 

12. Write a book – I’ve started writing and I love it, just wish there was hours in a day so I could get more done!

13. Live abroad for a month – I have booked a month off work in November!! I am going to Australia for a friend’s wedding and am spending two weeks with her on the Gold Coast and doing all things wedding and then two weeks travelling around going from Sydney to Melbourne. A month abroad is happening! Whoop!

14. Get down to a clothing size 12 – I have dropped a dress size but still a bit to go before I’m a size 12!

15.Run a 10k – I’ve done a 4k Colour Run, I’m signed up to do a tough mudder in August and then the big one, I’m actually doing a 10k in September!!! Eeeek!!!

16. Do a painting on a canvas – I have bought a canvas and some neon acrylic paints!! I can’t wait to have a play with them. If it looks half decent I might even share the final painting here!

17. Go to a music festival – COMPLETED!! I went to a small festival called Blissfield’s last weekend for a friends hen do! I had the best time and determined to head to a few more next year!

18. Visit Machu Piccu

19. Fall in love and be loved – see no1

20. See the northern lights

21. Visit Ireland – im working hard on this one! I’m hoping to go to Dublin on my 30th birthday weekend with a group of my girls! I am terrible at organizing things but hopefully will manage to pull this off!

22. Try Wakeboarding – I’ve tried it and LOVED it!! I found out a local lake is all set up for wakeboarding and I went along for a lesson and it was so much fun! I’m planning to go a few more times over the summer.
23. Start an art class

24. Learn to Surf – I am going to Cornwall for the August bank holiday weekend with the plan to surf! I am so excited!!!

25. Learn another language

26. Learn the ukulele – there is a local Ukulele group that meets in the local pub, I’ve been to a few sessions now! I am really bad at learning to play but its good fun! I’ve learnt I am just not musical!

27. Figure out some sort of career path and be happy with whatever it may be.

28. Make a drift wood coffee table

29. Read one book every month – I’m on it with this one and really enjoying it! It’s nice to have a bit of me time with a good book and a glass of wine!

30. Go to New Zealand – I AM DOING THIS!!! My friend moved out there last year and has just announced she’s getting married there next year. So 3 weeks off work are booked for next March and I’m going!

I have also a few bonus ones I wanted to add to the list…
31. Sleep in a castle
32. Make a dress from scratch

I am so happy with what I’ve achieved so far and can’t wait to see how many more I can tick off over the next six months! I don’t know if I can or if funds will allow me to achieve all of these but I am definitely going to try my hardest to make this all happen! I will try and do a few blogs to keep you in the loop as I go along with this journey. Wish me luck!!


  1. I met my boyfriend on Plenty Of Fish, and I had to go on a few dates before I met him, there are SOME normal people on there, it may just take some digging to find them!

  2. You are doing very well!x

  3. The big 3-0 isn't so bad, I promise!

    Two years into my big thirties, I find that it is very much a liberating time in my life. I could finally explore and learn new things, things that I've been scared of trying, for some reason or other. Like you, I also live with my parents, and although I could have done something more with my life, but everything happens for a reason.

    Being 30 is the most terrific fun!


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