Saturday, 22 August 2015

Lipsticks and Lashes 3rd Birthday!!

It feels so weird to think that 3 years ago today I was sitting here writing my first every blog post! It still makes me giggle looking it now, it was a post about Topshop Makeup and it isn’t my best work! I am hoping after 3 years my blogging skills have improved a lot since those first few posts! I started out very much wanting to blog about beauty but as times moved on and i have changed as a person, I wouldn’t have a clue what type of genre you would pop my little space under now! I tend to blog about what ever takes my fancy at the time from health and fitness, books, travel, DIY, Positivity, Lifestyle… don’t get me wrong I still have an unhealthy addiction to make up so beauty posts are always going to pop up! 

Not only has my blogging style and what I blog about changed over the past few years but I think i have definitely changed as a person and I think I owe a lot of that to blogging. I think i'm a hell of a lot more confident, I get to embrace being creative and I smile a lot more! Its funny how when you find something you love and enjoy it can have such a knock on effect on the rest of your life. 

While i’m being all nostalgic and gooey about blogging I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the wonderful friends i have made through blogging. I may not have met you in real life but I appreciate you none the less. And a big thank you too, to all lovely folk who spare the time to stop by and read my waffle. I can’t explain how much it means!

Anyways I have my first ever Tough Mudder today! Its 12 miles of gruelling obstacles and I currently have a weird mix of nerves and excitement going on! I just hope I make it to the end! Wish me luck!

How has blogging changed your life? Are there any particular posts you would like to see more of on Lipsticks and Lashes?


Please leave comments, would love to hear your views....

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