Sunday, 23 October 2016

20 Reasons Why I LOVE Autumn!

1.       Halloween!! I love any excuse to dress up and party! I am currently prepping my little red riding hood outfit – think the grimms brothers rather than Hans Christian Anderson....
2.       Fireworks – one of my most favourite things ever! I love a good fireworks show, there’s something very magical about them!
3.       Log fires – cosy and romantic
4.       Candles – I love snuggle evenings with lots of candles lit around the room. There set such a relaxing mood.
5.       Lazy days
6.       Netflix- am I the only person who can’t do Netflix binges in the summer as I feel too guilty being inside on a nice day?! Although that all changes at this time of year!
7.       Autumn leaves, the colours of the trees are pretty spectacular
8.       Blankets and lots of them!
9.       Chai Lattés – forget hot chocolates this is what autumn is all about...
10.   Crisp air – its so fresh and energising
11.   Wrapping up warm
12.   Berry lips and Smokey eyes
13.   Pumpkins
14.   Fuzzy socks
15.   Wellies and long walks
16.   Thick winter pyjamas
17.   Cosying up with a good book
18.   Oversized jumpers
19.   Darker evenings


  1. Love love loved this post! I just wrote about my favourite things about autumn too. Long walks and cosy pjs and fluffy socks are the best. xx
    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. haha loved this post and I couldn't agree with all the points you made!

    Creepers & Cupcakes


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