Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Purple Ombre Nails

Ombre has been in fashion for a while and is being used in all sorts of things from dresses to decorating walls to nails. I really like this style and thought I’d have a little go at it myself, after having a massive tidy up of my nail polishes the other day, I realised I have a ton of different purple shades so I thought I’d have ago at ombre purple nails.

From Left to right / thumb to little finger:
The dark purple was in a random Christmas gift set that came with tons of polishes but doesn’t seem branded.
Nail Paint by Barry M in Bright Purple
Rimmel London Lasting Finish in Electric!
Rimmel London Lycra Pro Professional Finish in Ultra Violet
Nail Paint by Barry M in Chameleon Lilac
I am really chuffed with the final results! It looks fab and I’ve had tons of complements! I will definitely be having a go at this with other colours. Also I have to admit I am a massive culprit when it comes to buying a new polish and only using it once! By playing with different colours it has allowed me use some of my polishes that have been sat on the shelf for a while.

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