Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Revlon Nail Art Expressionist Review

Nail Art has been a big thing for a while now and if you’re anything like me and not that great at doing it yourself, you’ll be looking for any product that helps you to achieve the look without having to have the patience of a saint!

Revlon Nail Art Expressionist comes in 7 different colour combinations and I decided to purchase ‘ulterior motif’ which is a fab steel grey with a baby pink glitter. The concept behind this product is that you use the Grey shade on all of your nails and then use the Pink Glitter shade to make a design. The glitter shade comes with a very thin nail art brush that can be used to do any sort of nail art or detail work.

This products really easy to use that even someone like me who can't do nail art to save her life can create lines and dots easily and with little to no effort. The size of the nail polish is perfect. It is small enough that you can bring it on the go with you but there is still a ton on product and you will get a lot of manicures before the bottles are empty. I also love the colour combination, girly yet grungy. Very me!
On the down side the grey colour needs about 3 coats to match how it looks in the bottle. With three coats it takes such a long time to dry so you have to wait a while before you can use the pink on top. I hate waiting for polish to dry and this stuff took aaaaaages! Wasn’t a happy bunny with this as managed to smudge a couple of nails, and kept having to touch up.
The price for one of these is £7.99 which seems a little steep however it is easy to use and I would love to try some of the other combinations.

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