Saturday, 6 April 2013

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick

I am on a constant hunt to find the perfect lip gloss and when I heard about Soap and Glory’s ‘Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick’ I just had to give it a try. I have to say I am really pleased I did! I purchased mine from boots for £8, which I thought was a little steep. I normally go for cheap brands for glosses as I am constantly trying and buying different ones.

The packaging is quite simple and I love the fact that it's in a retractable stick with a cap as it keeps it nice and safe whilst in the jungle of danger which is my handbag. I went for Plum Jar, which looked like a deep purple however as you can see from the colour swatch when put on it’s a lovely pink/reddish sheen. I was originally worried that it would be too dark but luckily it has a very subtle finish, and has left my lips looking tinted and super-glossy. It leaves a gorgeous natural colour on your lips and I will definitely be trying out the other shades.

The reasons I am impressed with this product is that it’s a very natural looking lip gloss and stays on for a really long time which is a refreshing change! The texture is glossy but not sticky at all. It kept my lips hydrated for most of the day. With this never ending cold snap we seem to be enduring my lips have been so dry and I found this gloss really moisturising. If anything the gloss feels more like a lip balm and feels comfortable on the lips like that of a balm. It doesn't taste of anything but has a faint vanilla smell.
I just wish they did more colours and it’s a little bit pricey but worth it I think!


  1. I have been looking at this product for aaaaaggggggeeess, but as you said, its a bit expensive. Also, I haven't heard the best reviews on the soap and glory make up, compared to the scrubs and lotions anyways!
    I'm totally going to try it out now though! Thanks a million! And the color, perfect! I'm always on the hunt for natural make-up on the way to Summer!

  2. I hadnt geard the best things either so havent really given them ago until this product! Im now definately going to try the other shades of this stick!

    Gem xx


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