Friday, 30 May 2014

Its okay when travelling to...

Since returning from Thailand I've faced quite a few people saying 'anything you regret not seeing?' 'Oooh you missed out by not going to.....'. This has been something I've come across a lot when I've been travelling, and I've learnt to not be bothered because when traveling its ok to do your own thing. You shouldn’t feel guilty! Here are my top 5 things that it’s ok to do when travelling… feel free to add your own in the comments box, I would love to hear them!

• To have a day off! From visiting wherever/whatever the local attraction is. If you want a lazy day that is Ok! Go chill on the beach or laze around your hostel, it’s great to see as much as you can but you need some you time and if that means doing sweet FA then that’s cool!

• To have a Macy d's or Starbucks! I love trying other cultures local cuisine but sometimes you just need a home comfort, something where you aren’t risking the runs! My guilty pleasure is a Starbucks when I’m travelling, you can’t beat a good coffee!

• To miss things out! If something that’s supposed to be ‘oh so amazing’ doesn’t take your fancy or you just don’t have enough time then if you skip an attraction or whatever it may be that is okay! It’s your trip and you should do what you want to do not what everyone else recommends!

• To follow the road not so travelled... Everyone's got an opinion on where's best to travel and where you should visit but if you don't go there its ok!! Some of my best travelling experiences have come from venturing off the usual path.

• To sleep till mid-day! I’ve fallen into the trap where I’ve tried to fit way too much into a trip and didn’t take any time out. If you want to sleep till mid-day you do it! It’s your trip and you shouldn’t feel bad for any choices you make! Also I love my sleep so throw in a long lie in here and there (especially after a heavy night out!) and I’m one happy lady!


  1. I've just got back from Thailand too and have had the same! Totally agreed about all your point especially the take a day off one! It's a tiring job backpacking! x

  2. Love this! Sometimes you feel like you have to being things constantly on holiday but some of the best days are just those when you chill out x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  3. Aaah such a lovely post. And oh so true. I love your tips, everyone's experience is different so they should do as they please (whilst clutching a starbucks!)
    Love Kate xx


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