Friday, 23 May 2014

Thailand || Extras

I can’t believe this is my final Thailand related post. I also can’t believe it’s been 3 months since I’ve been back! Time is going horrendously fast at the moment! So this is an ‘extras’ post, a few bits I really to share that didn’t really fit into any of my previous posts.


The Thais like everything sweet. I’m pretty sure sugar or syrup goes into most of their dishes. Also if you're a tea or coffee drinker like myself be warned, they used condensed milk. It’s weird, again super sweet and doesn’t taste right at all but you do get used to it.

Street food is the only way to go. I did not have one bad meal from a street vendor. The food was just to die for and just so much better than the restaurants we visited and also so much cheaper!
Also if you like a bit of spice be warned, medium spicy is HOT! It definitely isn’t what the UK would deem as a medium!
You have to see this one to believe it, the roads and traffic system in Thailand is pure chaos! Some of the sights I saw included... the majority of drivers were on their phones, whole families of 5 on one moped, children’s buggies with said child inside tied onto the side of the moped with string and being towed along, no one wears helmets. On top of all that what are lanes?! It’s a free for all, if you can drive on the pavement, go for it! Don’t expect any vehicle to stop for a pedestrian, and as for traffic lights, they are just there for decoration. The only rule of the road seems to be keep moving!
Thailand is so unbelievable cheap! You can easily keep costs right down whilst travelling out there.
On average this is what we paid...
Street food and a beer – 60-250 baht // £1.10 - £4.58 GBP
Chang 20-60 baht // £0.37 - £1.10 GBP
A bottle of 500 ml coke – 17 baht // £0.31 GBP
A T-shirt - 150 baht // £2.75 GBP
The Thai people are so genuinely nice. I felt so safe in Thailand even in the larger cities of Bangkok and Phuket. The people were all so friendly, funny and helpful.
I hope that this info comes in handy to anyone planning a trip to Thailand. It really is an incredible country and I hope I get to explore more of it one day.
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  1. The food looks absolutely delicious! I was supposed to be going to Thailand this year but have had to cancel it due to the cost, hopefully I'll still manage to go one day though. The first dish looks so so tasty and colourful!



    1. I hope you get to go one day, its such a beautiful country and so cheap once you are there! xxx

  2. The food looks delicious! I love a little travel post!

    Eesha x

  3. We have recently came back from Thailand and like you we couldn't believe the traffic! Many times we nearly got ran over because of people driving on the pavement.. They then should at us for getting in their way hah! What a fab post. :)

    Sarah x


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