Sunday, 2 November 2014

Links I Love #3

Cats in fancy dress. You’re welcome.
These beautiful photographs have been taken at night, they are local landmarks to me and are just WOW!
Homeless People Were Asked To Write Down A Fact About Themselves. I LOVE this. I have worked with homeless people and some of their stories are fascinating. Bad times can hit anyone at anytime and its so important to remember that. Everyone has a story.

One Couple's Brave Decision To Live Small Results In A Brilliantly Designed Home. I love the rage for small homes, this is one of the best ones ive seen!
10 Smart Moves Every Twenty something Should Make. I think everyone in their twenties should read this! Its so spot on! I am fully behind the travelling point!
5 regrets of the dying. Something i think everyone should read, gets you thinking.
This gentleman has Cerebral Palsy and uses a type writer to create art, so incredible!


  1. These are brilliant!!!! The homeless one really got me thinking!!! I always want to talk to homeless people but I always get really embarrassed when walking past, just giving something without really looking at the person for too long, , but I should make the effort and get over my inhibitions. X

  2. oh my the cat in the superman costume is SO cute!

    from helen at

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  3. Gosh this bride's photo shoot looks magical, tho it's really sad.


  4. Loved this post and loved reading some of them. The homeless video is a real eye-opener, it's crazy to think of people's stories when walking past them on the street. xx

  5. OH god that first photo. My heart just hurt reading that. So, so sad! So glad there were cute cats afterwards, I needed it.
    Hope you're okay lovely! :)

    Jemma xx

  6. I'm laughing so hard at the cat photos. Haha. I love cats <3

    xx Brigette |

  7. I love this post! Some of them way too sad for my liking, but cats in costumes make up for it! :)


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