Monday, 1 June 2015

Motivational Monday// June

These posts always seem to have the most amazing timing, because in all honesty I feel like shit at the moment and really need a kick up the bum!

I seem to be ill and run down all the time at the moment, the end of last month I had some weird virus which wiped me out, then two weeks ago I had a stinking cold and all I could do was work and come home and just sleep. I hate it, I’m at my best when I’m busy and social, having things slow me down makes me mad! Then the past week I have just been feeling so over tired, you know that feeling when you’ve not slept and it makes you feel physically sick. It’s kind of a weird hangover feeling, minus the alcohol. My friends think I’ve been doing too much and I’ve burnt out a bit, while I don’t really know what to think.

I feel frustrated and upset, I feel down and lonely. It’s the worst. It’s also terrible timing, I have recently started a new job and feel like I must be making a terrible impression as I’m so exhausted its making the simplest of tasks seem hard work. It’s also impacting my exercise, if you follow my monthly Health and fitness posts you’ll know that this year I’m working hard to improve my fitness and have signed up to do a 10k in September. I started this with zero fitness and could run a few inches without struggling, I’m still a long way off from my goal but I have definitely improved. However the past couple of weeks, I have lost all confidence with running and I really struggle with it. It’s like I run for a bit then have a weird mini panic attack, can’t breathe so have to walk a bit. I massively want to overcome this but have no idea where to start!!

I don’t know where to start to try and feel better mentally and physically but I’ve decided June is all about looking after myself. I am going to sort out my diet and really focus on eating healthy. I am crap when it comes to food, I tend to go for convenience and end up going all day without food and eating rubbish late at night. So for this month I am going to work hard on eating healthy, I am also going to go to bed early whenever I can. I am also pretty bad at this at the moment, I tend to feel shattered all day and then find it hard to sleep so stay awake to the early hours. I am also going to try and relax more, read books, have baths etc. I am going to make sure I’m okay. Fingers crossed this will clear my head and have a knock on effect o everything else.

Have you ever felt like this? What do you do to take care of yourself?


  1. Awww, I woke up with a horrendous sore throat this morning if that's any consolation! And I spend most of my day at work answering phones in the office!

    Are you taking any medication for your cold? A few months back I was taking some medication I got from a chemist and when I eventually went to the Dr she told me that the medication was giving me anxiety, so maybe that's why you feel panicky running?

    Hope you feel better soon!! <3
    Kirsty xx

  2. Ahh I hate that feeling. I was like that last month and felt so bored and depressed having to do my assignments for uni. It sounds to me like you need a relaxing break and to take time to focus on yourself. Eating healthily will definitely help and if you can, try and go out in the fresh air and to exercise as it will help your energy levels. Hope you feel better soon hun xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. Inspiring post and I always find it difficult to relax when I have so much on so it's always a great reminded to reduce stress and take it easy x

  4. Would you consider having some blood tests done to see if you are anaemic or having any other deficiencies? Maybe get tested for gladular fever too?

    Hope you feel better soon xx



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