Friday, 29 May 2015

DIY: Wooden Initial Letter

I haven’t done a DIY post in so long! Which is silly as I have been making lots of bits of pieces lately that would be fun to share with you all! My issue has been lack of a lap top, but I have been lent a lap top so I can finally share this pretty wooden letter DIY! Yey! It’s such an easy one and so fun to make! This specific letter was sent as part of my ‘Spring’ themed #DICraftSwap. If you’ve not heard of this swap then you need to check it out, it’s run by Hannah over at Dainty and Ivory and is such a fun idea, each month she pairs you up with someone to make and send some goodies too and each month has a different theme. So as you may have gathered I had Hannah to send to for the spring themed swap, hence the letter H!


What you need:
Wooden letter
White gloss paint
Paint brush
Hot glue gun
Fabric Flower

What to do:
You can find wooden letters in most craft shops now, I actually found mine in a garden centre! So first step is to paint your wooden letter, I used a white gloss paint which I had lying around at home. I wanted a glossy bright finish so this worked perfectly for me. To get good coverage I ended up doing quite a few coats of paint. 

Once the paint was dry I then chose the type of flower I wanted to decorate my letter with. I have quite a few fake flowers at home as I use them to make the floral crowns I sell, but you can pick these up pretty cheap in shops like wilkos or somewhere similar. I then cut the flower head off of the stem and using a hit glue gun, I put a blob of glue on the area I wanted to stick the flower on. I then held the flower in place until it felt like it was sturdy. I then left it to dry! 

I’ve made these letters for a few friends now, they are really easy to do yet so effective! What do you think?


  1. It is just lovely! What a sweet idea!!! I'm sure she will love it.
    Oh by the way, i did your a-z travel post idea, was great fun!!x

  2. Lovely DIY and thank you so much for my H, it is so pretty and fits perfectly with my room =)


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