Thursday, 1 December 2016

Fifteen Festive Favourites

I bloody love Christmas and am beyond excited about it this year! This time last year I was in Australia and completely missed the build up to Christmas and that is my favourite bit! So I am planning to make the most of it. I’ve really been reigning it in nut now its officially the 1st December I feel like I am going to completely go all tinsel and fairy lights on everyone! I have seen this ‘Fifteen Festive Favourites’ on a few blogs lately and thought I would share mine with you all....

1.       Favourite Festive Food

Turkey dinner with all the trimmings! My dad makes the best roast dinners and his Christmas dinner never fails to disappoint!

2.       Favourite Reindeer

Rudolph – he has a shiny nose and he saved Christmas!

3.       Favourite Day of Christmas

Christmas eve – its full of excitement and dropping off presents to friends. Such a magical day!

4.       Favourite Christmas Song

This is the easiest question! It has to be ‘Fairy-tale of New York’. It is THE best Christmas tune!

5.       Favourite Present

My friends got me a The special edition set of Harry Potter books a few years ago anf it meant so much to me and showed how well they knew me.

6.       Favourite Festive Film

Its a wonderful life – its not Christmas till I’ve watched it.

7.       Favourite Festive Cracker Toy

Tje fish that can read your emotions! You know the one where the head and tail curls up? Always provides a few minutes of entertainment.

8.       Favourite Cracker Joke

What does Miley Cyrus have at Christmas? Twerk.....

9.       Favourite Christmas Decoration

This is a tie between fairy lights and the big star on top of the tree.

10.   Favourite Christmas Candle Scent

‘Snow in Love’ a Yankee candle scent.

11.   Favourite Christmas TV Advert

The Coca Cola advert!!! Its not Christmas till this has popped up!

12.   Favourite Festive Tradition

I’m not we have any particular traditions but getting everyone together on Christmas day is pretty special.

13.   Favourite Place to Spend Christmas

Anywhere all my family are! I think its more about the people rather than the place.

14.   Favourite Christmas Fact

The chances of us actually having a white Christmas here in the UK is 1 in 10. I think that’s not too bad, I would love a white xmas!!!

15.   Favourite Snowman Accessory

Aww it would have to be his coal buttons and coal eyes – cute huh!

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