Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Glasses Shop // New Specs

2016 has been the year I’ve had to bite the bullet and accept that I needed glasses (insert horrified face emoji here). I think a mix of using screens more and turning 30 has hit my poor blinkers and I’ve gone from having pretty ace eyesight to squinting whenever I try and read something!! If I didn’t cave and get glasses I would have needed a severe amount of Botox to get rid of the lines from trying to focus!

Anyway around the same time I decided to embrace being a speccy four eyes I received an email from the lovely folk at The Glasses Shop asking if I would like to chose a pair from their range and I just jumped at the chance!

The Glasses Shop has a huge range of glasses and sunglasses at pretty cheap prices! I was a little nervous about ordering prescription glasses online but the whole process was pretty easy. I decided to go for the Horace Wayfarer glasses in Tortoise shell which sells for $34.95. I just filled in my info and let them know my prescription for each eye.

I was really surprised they arrived really quickly from America and they are great! They are really good quality and very stylish. I think there fun and slightly quirky too. Very me! I am a little in love with them!

Have you ever ordered prescription glasses online before? I would definitely be doing this in the future! I felt a bit rushed when I was choosing at the opticians and there wasn’t much choice. This way meant I could take my time and find the perfect pair!

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