Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentines Day: My One True Love in Life

Happy Valentine’s Day you beautiful people! I hope you are all feeling happy and loved whether your single, married, engaged or whatever!

As today is the day that’s hallmark stamped for love, gooeyness, hearts and flowers I thought I would dedicate today’s post to my one true love. Nope, fear not I have not gone crazy and met a boy or my dream man Chris Hemsworth in the last few days and declared my undying love. Nope, I am talking about my bed. Yes my bed, you read that right, I have to say it was a close call between my bed and peanut M&M’s (yum yum!) but my bed won out!

It’s my favourite place on earth, especially during these cold winter months. It is ridiculously comfy and cosy. I think my love for it has expanded lately with the recent present of an electric blanket. I don’t care if this makes me sound insanely old but it really is the best invention ever! I can’t believe I’ve never had one before.

So because of said electric blanket I now have a quilted mattress protector underneath it which just adds to the comfy factor. I then have a duvet and multiple blankets thrown on top... I can’t explain how good it is!

Oooh and to top it all off? The joys of being single means it IS ALL MINE! I can sleep in the middle and starfish and I don’t have to share it with anyone else!

Screw you valentine’s day!


  1. Ha ha!!! I think it sounds wonderful!@! The electric blanket was the best present I ever got!x

  2. Haha this post is so me! I'm having a love affair with my bed on most days
    Reinventing Neesha ♥

  3. Yes! Love my electric blanket, although I have to admit it hasn't made it out this winter due to a plethora of new blankets instead (and when my boyfriend stays, he is like a hot water bottle!). I love your duvet cover - geometric prints are great! Beckie x

  4. I've heard so many good things about electric blankets! I've never used one as my thermostat seems to run so much higher than most peoples, but they sounds like the most snug things ever!

    Love Amylou x

  5. haha I love this post! My sister and parents have an electric blanket but I'm yet to join the club :( your bed does look super cosy I have to say!

    she dreams


  6. sounds like my valentines day but could you not have had peanut m&m's in bed?! also my electric blanket is probably the best present i've ever received, the only problem is now i really never want to leave my bed! x

  7. Happy late Valentines Day beautiful!

    Thank you for leaving your link on my twitter (@lnohara95) I really enjoys nosey-ing through your blog. I love the layout!

    Much love,

    Lauren Nicole O'Hara

    Please, anyone, let me know if you stop by :)

  8. Loved this post, bed time is my favourite time of the day!
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex


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