Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Review: Barry M Confetti Nail Effects in Dolly Mixture

I’ve wanted to try this product for a while, so when I came across the range in my local Superdrug I couldn’t stop myself from making a purchase!
I chose Dolly Mixture. The confetti in this polish Is White, blue, green, yellow and orange. It is pretty neon when you put it on which I thought was quite funky. I wasn’t sure whether to put a coat over the top of a coloured polish or try it on its own. I went for the latter option and just applied numerous layers for the look I wanted.
I’m a little on the fence with this product, part of me thinks it looks pretty cool and it’s something a bit different, whilst the other part of me thinks it looks a little scruffy. That may just be down to my personal taste.
In terms of wear ability this stuff is completely chip proof! I’ve had it in for 3 days no and not a chip in sight. This is usually unheard of for me!
I am definitely going to give it another go. I’m thinking perhaps a black base with one coat of the confetti would look awesome!


  1. It definitely looks funky (in a good way) on its own! Good idea about the dark base, it may look good against a lighter/pastel colour too x

  2. This is so pretty! I love that there's so many colours in there that it'll go with almost anything. I recently tried the leather look, and I must say if you're used to a glossy or smooth look it's quite different to have a textured finish. :-) xo


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