Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Review: MUA Nail Constellation

I’ve had my eye on MUA’s Nail Constellations for a while and I’ve seen this look in a few magazines and was keen to give it a try. Firstly I painted my nails in Barry M’s Nail Paint in Indigo, then whilst still wet you tip the little balls out the nozzle. Make sure you have a tissue underneath your hand, they do tend to go everywhere! You then need to pat them into place and let them dry.


I only did one nail on each hand but found the application process quite stressful. All the balls got stuck in the dispenser nozzle and when I did manage to get them out, they went everywhere! The overall look was fab and it was a great contrast with my blue nails.
However and it’s a big however.... they didn’t last long at all! I did them early one evening and by the time I woke up the next morning they had all fallen off!
Seriously disappointed with this product and won’t be purchasing it again, which is a shame as I had high hopes for it.


  1. This looks great hun! It's rubbish that it didn't last though, nothing annoys me more than doing my nails to have them looking rubbish the next day. I bought this from MUA, in the pinky sort of colours but I haven't used it yet. Cba with all the faffing about haha xox

  2. I's a real shame it didnt work so well because it looked great! Xx

  3. I have tried these from a few brands and I find that it is the same with every one unfortunately :( none of them last and they all go so weird with a topcoat, it is such a shame because they look gorgeous! x


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