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Book Club: Q & A with Lindsey Kelk

I am ridiculously excited to bring you this post today. Lindsey Kelk is one of my favourite authors and she kindly agreed to do a Q & A for the blog, talking about her books and beauty, my fave subjects! I have read all Lindsey books and she manages to create a fab balance of romance and comedy. If you've not read her ‘I Heart...’ series, I seriously recommend you check it out. Lindsey also lives in New York and is a big fan of WWE. I defy you not to like this woman!
You live in New York, What made you move there?
I loved the city and from the first time I visited for work, I knew I wanted to move but couldn’t see a way how. Happily, a job came up within my company and I got the opportunity to move. Now I write fulltime and am applying for a green card. I can’t imagine living anywhere else, the city makes me myself.
Where is your favourite place in NYC?
I live in Brooklyn and I love, love, love just being in my apartment. I’m close enough to Prospect Park to see some trees from time to time but near enough to the subway that I can be anywhere I need to be in half an hour. Other than that, my go to spots are mostly downtown, brunch in the West Village, drinks in the East Village, dancing in Williamsburg. If I’m in a bit of a mood, I search out a view. I love the waterfront in Williamsburg and often pop down to Battery Park to stare at the Statue of Liberty. Sorts me right out.
What’s your favourite US beauty buy that you just can’t get in the UK?
I’m not sure there actually is one – I’m far more likely to buy up Bourjois and Boots 17 these days! That said, I love NYC for manicures, they’re so cheap and so available. I’ve turned into a bit of a madam about them.
What’s the one thing you most miss about the UK?
My friends and the prices in Topshop. Everything is double here!
What’s the best thing about being a writer?
There are so many amazing things about being able to do what I love and tell stories for a living but if I step away and look at the bigger picture, it’s got to be that what I do makes people happy. Can’t argue with that.
What inspires you and where do you get your writing ideas from?
Everything and everywhere. I’m a big fan of women and I think we’re living in such an interesting time right now, so much is changing and we’re dealing with a lot of new stuff that previous generations haven’t had to think about. The burden of choice. I find a lot of inspiration in friendships – even though a lot of the focus on my books ends up being about the romance, the friendships and personal growth of the characters is what concerns me the most when I’m writing.
Of all your books, which one is your favourite?
It changes all the time. I love I Heart New York because it was the first, I really like Paris because I think it’s a good story. Vegas is fun because it reminds me of my trips to Vegas and now I’ve got some distance from it, I love About A Girl. It was hard to write but I think it’s good. I never think my books are good. Hopefully that’s a positive sign!
Which one of your characters, from all the books you’ve written, are you most like?
I’m like all of them. The girls, the boys, the bitches and the doormats. There’s definitely part of me in every character or part of every character in me. Upsettingly, it’s often the flaws I identify with the most but that’s probably why I write a way out of them for the characters! I’m easily as terrible at communicating as Angela, I can be as domineering and psych 101 as Jenny and I’m as useless at getting what I want from a relationship as Tess. Rachel was pretty together although I’ve floundered in dying relationships too. They’re all in there.
Your new book which is out in July, About a Girl, is about Tess, who to escapes her life pretends to be someone else. Have you ever done that?
No! I wouldn’t have the balls. When I moved to New York, I thought I was super cool and was going to live in Hipsterville and run with all these cool kids in bands but after a couple of months, I just wanted to go home, have a cup of tea and put on a Buffy boxset. I’m set as who I am and I’m pretty happy with it.
If you could pretend to be someone else, and get away with it, who would you be?
Beyonce. Which would be interesting.
About a Girl is set in Hawaii, where is your favourite sunshine destination?
Hawaii. It was amazing. I’ve never been a beach person and writing about a sunshine destination was a big test for me. Before I got to Oahu, I was really struggling with the book, I just couldn’t make it come alive but as soon as I landed, I fell in love. Everything fell into place after that. I’m constantly scheming to go back but I have no time!
Is it true, this book is part of a new series?
It is. The second book will be out next summer.
What are your favourite things to do when you’re not writing?
Sleep, sleep and sleep. And once I’m awake, it’s definitely hang out with my friends. I can actually feel myself recharging every second that I’m with them, it really doesn’t matter where. I love to travel and I’ve managed to pick up some pretty awesome people everywhere I’ve been so I try to get around and see everyone. I also love music so I go to as many gigs as I can, not that many these days, I love to dance and I love to practise yoga. I’m getting better but I still can’t stand on my head!
What’s your top 3 can’t live without beauty products?
Benefit They’re Real mascara, Maybelline Dark Circle Eraser concealer and Dior Lip Glow balm.
What’s the most expensive product you’ve ever purchased?
My Mulberry Alexa bag. I got it in duty free when I was delayed and convinced myself it was a bargain then nearly threw up on the plane. I use it all the time though!
What’s your top beauty trick or tip you can share with our readers?
I don’t really have any secret tips but I cannot pass up an opportunity to tell people to use sunscreen. I’m always getting compliments on my skin and it’s ALL SUNSCREEN. I wear it every day. Do it, people!
Can you tell us a secret about ‘I heart Christmas’?
Someone has a baby…
Lindsey’s latest offering ‘About a Girl’ will be available from the 4th July. I’ve pre-ordered my copy, have you?


  1. I love Lindsey Kelk!!!

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  2. Can't believe it! Love Lindsey Kelk! I've just reviewed one of her books on my blog too


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