Tuesday, 17 September 2013

10 Reasons you know your a blogger...

It’s only recently that I’ve accepted myself as a blogger. For many reasons I’ve always felt a bit of a fraud and never really owned it. I didn’t think I was good enough, however I’ve now faced my fears and lately I’ve been really embracing blogging. It’s really hit me lately and kind of taken over my world! I thought id share with you my reasons why I know I’m a blogger....

1.    You have a healthy addiction to twitter!
I love Twitter! I find it vital to blogging! I love connecting with other bloggers through all the different chats, sharing links, tips and general chit chat. However this does mean I prob spend half my day on twitter through my phone. I recently got blocked as they thought I was spamming people, when sharing my link after a chat. WHOOPS! I just find it the best way to advertise your blog and find others to read.
2.    Your bank balance is always in minus figures.
Okay, so this one may just be me! I love finding new products and sharing my views, good or bad. I love reading about new products in other blogs and find myself HAVING to try it! #bbloggers chats on twitter do not help either! I am a complete make up whore!!
3.    You can’t use any new product until you’ve photographed it, even if this means waiting a few days for the perfect light.
Hahaha this one is the bain of my life! Especially at the moment with this dreary weather. I like photographing new products and want them to look all pretty and new. It’s hard to restrain myself whilst I’m waiting to photograph it first!
4.    The staff in your local Boots / Superdrug know you by name.
And at my local benefit counter too... I think it’s due me regularly pestering them about when certain products will be in! I pretend it’s cute that they know me, but I’m not sure if they think like that!
5.    You take more ‘selfies’ than the average person.
I recently was showing a friend some photos on my camera and had to scan through a ton of ‘selfies’ to find them. Slightly embarrassing if they don’t know about my blog! Needs must though! I hate it when bloggers don’t show you the lippy /eye shadow/ blusher actually in action. I like to see what it looks like as it can massively vary to what it looks like in the package.
6.    You carry a camera around ‘just in case’.
I hate having moments where I’m somewhere thinking I wish I had a camera with me so I can photograph this as it would make an ace blog post. My camera on my phone is pretty pants, so yes I’m lame and carry my camera around ALOT.
7.    Someone starts talking about MAC to you, so you get excited and tell them about your fave products until you realise they meant Apple Mac, doh!
THIS happened TODAY!! Was at work and in a day dream I heard a colleague mention MAC. This followed a blow by blow account of what I love about their shadows, gel eyeliner and concealer..... ‘Umm Gem, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Can I use the APPLE Mac?’. I hang my head in shame, I have beauty on the brain!!

8.    You actually have release dates for products in your diary. I kid you not.
Yep, I am sad! Yes I even have some dates for next year (I am dying to try the Mark Jacobs range!). I am like a magpie to silver when it comes to shiny new beauty products!
9.    A constant thought, no matter what I’m doing is ‘Hmm could I blog about this?’
I even carry a note book around with me for blog ideas! I am often found day dreaming about what I want to write and how I want to improve my blog. I am inspired by so many things on a daily basis.
10.  I no longer by magazines or newspapers, I just read blogs.
I think I spend a good hour most days browsing other blogs, there are so many great writers and photographers out there.  They make me feel so inspired and ready to tackle anything. I follow blogs on so many different subjects from beauty, fashion, photography, food, DIY, art..... The list is so long! I love seeing the world through other people.

Do you have anything to add to this list? Can you relate to it?


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I'm the same haha! I laughed out loud about the mac :D


    1. Haha I can laugh now but was a bit mortified at the time! xx

  2. This is great! I agree with so much! I'm always like 'ooooh I should blog about this place' if I go to a nice bar or restaurant! And the shameless selfies on my camera roll!!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  3. Definitely relate to the "can I blog about this" one ha, went to the GTA V midnight launch with my other half last night, definitely was there like, hmmm could I write a post about this experience? haha! x

  4. hahaha, i absolutely agree. my other half was telling me my blog will suffer the next coming months because i wont have any new products to talk about or even review. I saw agree with you totally, i walk with my ipad just in case and i always photograph what i get just in case i can talk about it on my blog.


  5. haha totally agree with this and can relate to most xx

  6. Haha! Agree with lots!

    I love your blog, its great, your doing great things.. Keep it up sweet!

    Hope you can check my blog out soon:




  7. I hate when bbloggers leave pictures of it tried out! A picture speaks 1000 words!
    And the Marc Jacobs range came out 3 days after I left the states! So gutted!

    1. My dream is to live in America! Everything seems to be released there first! xx

  8. Haha I love this! And it's so true!!
    I laughed at the one you can't use a product until you have taken a pic of it, as that's what I did the other day! :P


  9. haha the #3 one is so true:))

  10. Love this post!!!!scarey how true it all is x

  11. This is brilliant! Haha, I can totally relate to most of them, especially number 3 and 9 even though I've only just started out blogging! It's funny how you never realise how much your blog becomes part of your life until you make these kind of lists.

    - Bridie
    Oh So Bridie

  12. I'm guilty of a lot of these! I take soooo many selfies and don't let anyone touch my products until I've photographed them! haha x

  13. Hun this is so funny bcos its so true, my bank balance is 0 from buying products, I've got selfies and swatches all over my phone and I'm a twitter addict to, but we do it as we love blogging


  14. Hahaha I couldn't agree more with this! Made me giggle :-) Stopping by after the #lbloggers chat, better late than never!
    Donna xx

  15. This is so true. Although the moment I start putting flowers at the side of my breakfast to photograph or hanging bra's from trees I think I might just of gone mental.
    Little Blonde Life

  16. haha I currently have 5 products from Space NK that I can't use cause I haven't photographed them separately yet!! This post made me laugh so much.

    Hannah xxx

  17. Ha, I definitely agree with 6, 9 and 10! I think my other half is getting fed up of me saying "ooh I could blog about this!" :-) x

  18. Haha love this! Agree with them all :) great post

    Ellie xo
    style & beauty | blog design

  19. ahaha this is totally me. Lovely post!

    Christerline xo


  20. LOVE this post! Majority of the posts you mentioned are SO true :)

    Amanda @ www.niesciorsnotes.com


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