Sunday, 8 September 2013

Feted Magazine: Natural Face Mask and Scrub


Last Sunday was a pretty awesome day, I had my first piece of work published somewhere other than my blog! It’s always been something I wanted to do but was lacking in confidence to put myself out there!
However when the beautiful Sarah from Feted Magazine contacted me and asked if I’d like to write a beauty piece for them and the theme for the issue was food, I was definitely keen!
If you’ve not heard of Feted yet, it’s an online Magazine from sisters Clare and Sarah. This is their second issue and it’s gorgeous! I won’t tell you to much as I’d rather you took a look for yourself but if you’re not craving afternoon with a yummy slice of cake by the end of I will eat my hat! (I don’t actually own a hat so please don’t test me on this theory!)
I LOVE making my own beauty treatments whether that be my own lip scrubs, face masks, conditioning hair treatments, body scrubs etc. It is so easy, it costs a hell of a lot less than anything you’ll pick up in the shop and most importantly you probably have most of the ingredients in your cupboards already!
So for this piece I decided to share with everyone my ‘Natural Face Mask and Scrub’ it’s full of natural (kitchen cupboard essentials) ingredients that are so good for your skin! No chemicals involved!
I would love you all to check it out my piece which can be found on page 24, would love to know what everyone thinks!
Feted Magazine, issue 2 can be found HERE


  1. Congrats on your feature!
    I've not heard of Feted before, off for a read :) Thank you for sharing!

    Jess xo

    1. Thank you sweetie!

      Let me know what you think! xx


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