Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Bourjois Paris Manucure Laser Toppings in Blue Neon

I purchased Bourjois Paris Manucure Laser Toppings in Blue Neon a little while ago.  I am a bit like a magpie when it comes to anything glittery or shiny. Therefore I didn’t think twice when I saw this, I just had to make the purchase!
The toppings are like lots of glittery pieces of confetti in blue and purple, I was tempted to put it straight onto my nails and just layer it up but thought it would be cool to do a layer of white polish underneath. I used Barry M Nail Paint in Matt White.
I love the final finish! It looks pretty cool and is so easy to apply.  I will definitely be using this again.
Apologies for my toes! I have a huge feet phobia so they don’t appear on the blog very often but I wanted to share this polish with y’all!


  1. that laser top coat looks so pretty! x

  2. Very pretty <3 I'm your newest follower on GFC and bloglovin, coming from twitter. Stop back by my blog xx

  3. I bought the lazer toppings polish on impulse too! It just looked so pretty I couldn't resist it. I think it looks a bit like tinsel :) xo

  4. So cute! <3 I love this, it looks lovely! xx

  5. So cute. Love Barry m

  6. This looks lovely, will have to try the laser top coat!


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