Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Mini Haul: Primark

This is the first time I’ve ever ventured into doing a haul post! I love reading them on other blogs but have never been sure if I could do as good of a one as the ones I like! However I thought I’d give it ago, as last Saturday I took a trip to Primark and thought id share my purchases with y’all!
So first up are these cute pair of White Hi-top sneakers. I’ve wanted a pair of white converse for quite a while now but have not been able to justify the £50 price tag. My logic is that I will try out these first, if I wear them nonstop I shall replace them with my converse.
I love this red coca cola sweater! It’s perfect for slouchy Sundays and those chilled out days. It’s fun yet grungy, which suits my style. They have a black version that was in the men’s section which I was tempted by but preferred this one.
Next up, the reason I went into Primark in the first place was to purchase a pair of pjs. Next weekend I’m off to Butlins for a 90’s weekend and all my nightwear is pretty old so I thought id treat myself. I loved the fun bird print on these trousers. The T-shirt is from the men’s section, I like to wear baggy tees in bed so I tend to do this.
Finally, for as long as I can remember I’ve owned a pair of leopard print ballet slippers. They are a great go to pair of shoes for something smart yet comfy. I don’t really do the traditional smart, so these are perfect! My last pair got wrecked due to rain, so nice to have a cute new pair


  1. Love the flats!
    www.beautyrambles.com xx

  2. Love the flats, can't beat Primark prices x


  3. LOVE the coca cola tee, was so tempted to buy it the other day!
    Michelle xo - @shelleymagpie

  4. Really wish we had Primark in the states! You guys get such amazing pieces for such affordable prices! Great haul!

    -Erica xx
    www.ericawears.com | Bloglovin

  5. Lovely haul! I've been wanting to get a pair of Leopard ballet slippers for awhile, unfortunately have not found one that I have liked! Too bad we don't have Primark in the states!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  6. Love the leopard print ballet flats.


  7. i love what Primark has in at the moment, getting ready for autumn :) The Coca- Cola sweater is lovely!! xx

  8. Love the coca cola jumper but hate going into Primark! Might have to brave it!

    Thanks for sending over your link in the chat.
    Now Following!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic

  9. Love a good Primark haul! Your pj bottoms are so cute! xx


  10. coca cola sweater is so cute!


  11. I love that Coca Cola Sweater. I might have to pick it up for my baby sister, it's right up her street :)

    curlandpearls | bloglovin'


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