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Thailand || Ao Nang & Krabi



After an all too short but incredible few days in Bangkok we flew down south to Krabi. Internal flights are so cheap, however be prepared for unorganised chaos! The gate must have changed about 8 times and no one had a clue what time the flight was due to leave!
After we eventually made it to Krabi, we headed down to Ao Nang. The place we were meant to be staying was fully booked, so they sent us down the road to ‘friendly bungalows’, which worked in our favour as we were a lot closer to town! The accommodation was very basic, a rundown wooden bungalow in a bit of jungle. I think this was one of my favourite places we stayed, which I guess was lucky as we spent 6 nights here! In the evenings we sat on our tiny porch drinking beers and listening to the crickets. At night we had monkeys banging on our roof!
Ao Nang is a popular tourist destination, and was full of Danes and Aussies. We were about a 15 minute walk to the beach which was out of this world beautiful. I just can’t put into words how stunning it was and really don’t feel my photos do it justice. We spent the majority of our time here, sunbathing, swimming, reading, relaxing and just soaking up the scenery. If you walk to the very end of the beach here, you’ll find a group of monkeys playing!
In the evenings we would eat at various restaurants and bars, Ao Nang is full of lovely places to try and we found most of our meals including a drink averaged at around £5, you won’t find that at home!
Half way through our stay we booked a trip to go to the ‘Elephant Village’, which was around a 30 min drive up North. It involved an hour’s trek through the jungle and then we could watch the elephants have a bath after. I was a little apprehensive as id heard that in some of these places in Thailand the elephants were treated poorly and were abused. I have to say where we went the elephants seemed very well looked after and loved. It was a very enjoyable trip and the elephants were awesome!
On the final day we caught the bus to Krabi, the largest town in the area and had our photos taken with the famous giant crab and got a bite to eat! It was fun hanging with the locals and getting the bus, but we didn’t find Krabi as exciting as we had hoped and we soon found our way back to the beach at Ao Nang to finish our day!
After a fantastic time in Ao Nang we headed to the island of Koh Lanta...
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