Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Skills of a Blogger...

During a recent bloggers chat on twitter the question was posed ‘Do you put your blog on your CV?’, I didn’t even need to think about my response! No I don’t, as my blog isn’t relevant in the slightest to my day job. My blog is also my girly indulgence where I enjoy my spare time, so why would I put it on my CV?!
Well, when I started thinking a little bit more into this, my blog actually highlights a diverse range of skills I now have, that I hadn’t really acknowledged until this moment! We as bloggers are pretty multi talented, no matter the size of readership. These are the skills I’ve come up with, let me know if you can think of any more!
WRITING – This is probably one of the more obvious ones and actually my favourite. I love writing and started this blog as an outlet to do just that. My dream is to be a published writer, I just need to overcome the lack of confidence and self doubt!
PHOTOGRAPHY – This is definitely something I have improved on, which you can see if you head back to my first few posts! I now spend so much time trying to achieve the perfect lighting and to make my blog look a little more professional.
MARKETING – It’s just clicked that I do this as a blogger! I am technically always ‘marketing’ my blog to others, whether that’s to potential readers of different companies.
PR – I quite like this one! I guess it’s because I like the interaction with others, it’s also pretty much summed up above in marketing! My confidence has also massively improved in this.
SOCIAL MEDIA – A couple of years ago twitter used to baffle me! Now though, I am hooked! I mainly use it for blogging purposes. I love chatting to other bloggers!
TIME MANAGEMENT / ORGANISATION – I am a pretty scatty person who juggles three jobs, so throw in blogging on top and it can be a little crazy! Therefore when it comes to blogging I need to assert some time management skills and be pretty organised to get the posts up and keep my blog ticking along nicely.
CREATIVITY – All bloggers need a bit of this! It’s what keeps your blog going, helps you come up with post ideas and encourages people to come back and read more.
I also think my blog shows I have initiative and drive! How many ‘hobbies’ tick all these boxes? And I am sure there are tons of other skills I haven’t even thought of!
What skills do you use as a blogger?
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  1. These are all such true and valid points I've never considered! What an eye opener!


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