Friday, 12 September 2014

Links I Love

As someone who spends a ridiculous amount of time browsing the interweb I am often finding little gems and articles of wonder. Therefore I thought id share some of my favourite links of late with you all! Yes I do have a slight obsession with cute animals, children and weddings!
1. How cute is this nurse singing frozen to this little girl who has cancer?! Doesn’t hurt that he is pretty good looking too!
2. Diver saves turtle and receives adorable thank you – I heart turtles and this just makes me love them even more!
3. Hairy Fairy Weymouth – this wonderful woman has been sharing the truth about PCOS & its embarrassing symptoms. She has gone for over a month without removing her excess hair on her face and body in a bid to raise money and get people talking about Poly Cystic Ovaries. It’s an interesting read and I admire her feat.
4. 11 stunning photos of a wedding in the wilderness – this couple decided to elope and get married in Iceland. The photos that followed are just breath taking. Their surroundings look so stunningly beautiful, it makes me want to take a trip to Iceland myself! It also kind of helps that the couple themselves are pretty gorgeous anyway!
5. Nine things no one tells you about being a grownup – I can relate to every single one of these!
6. Triple Chocolate Brownie Batter Cookies – my mouth waters just looking at these, definitely will be making these at home ASAP!
Do you like posts like this? Would you like to see more?


  1. Just read the Hairy Fairy site and she's one brave women! I completely admire what she's doing though; I have PCOS myself although the hairiness isn't too much of a problem for me, my symptoms are more acne and infertility - both lovely ones to have as well! :-) xx

    1. She's such an awesome lady! I really admire her bravery and strength. One of my close friends has it too, same symptoms as yourself, so I am really pleased someone out there is raising awareness as I don't think people know enough about it. xxxx


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