Sunday, 7 September 2014

So univerity isnt for everyone, and thats okay!

So it’s that time of year when my bloglovin and blogger feeds are filled with blog posts about university and hyping it up in every possible way. It’s an exciting change and I can see why there is so much noise around it, however it makes me kind of cringe inside.
Here is why, so I’m not some anti uni type, I went to uni and am glad I did but I wasn’t a great experience for me! I thought id share it with you all, I hope it doesn’t come across as too negative as I’m a pretty positive, happy person, I just feel like sharing my story with you all. I just want to put it out there that uni isn’t for everyone and actually that’s okay!
I went to uni a couple of years later than most of my friends as I took  time out to go travelling, on returning I felt I needed to be doing something productive and wasn’t keen on returning home for full time work. Instead I applied to uni and got into Bristol so off I headed. Just before I did, I was dumped out of the blue, I was in a long term relationship head over heels in love and just didn’t see it coming. I was heartbroken and a complete train wreck, some might think this was perfect timing for a fresh start but I was a mess. This made enjoying the fresher’s week and the likes pretty much impossible, my heart wasn’t in it and looking back now it took me a very long time to get over it.
Also whilst at university I was a hormonal nightmare, I was all over the shop and felt I had no control over my emotions. Turns out I had an underactive thyroid which is basically a hormone, so when it’s not at the right level like mine it can really play with. I actually thought I was a head case at the time, imagine PMS times 1000. It made it hard to feel normal and level headed. I didn’t get diagnosed with this until after uni but it’s nice to understand why I was the way I was now!
Finally I applied for my course on a whim, I thought it was what I wanted at the time but I ended up not enjoying it fully. The course I studied was for a particular profession and was very intense. There were parts of it that were fab but the rest I didn’t like at all. I came out with a 2:2 at the end and am glad I stuck it out and got the qualification. I would be doing what I am now without it.
I think it was just a lonely experience for me, I had some wonderful friends there and they were amazing people. I just struggled and never felt fully at home.  I did have some pretty fun times so it wasn’t all bad, in general I was very lucky, just in hindsight it wasn't a high point in my life. Looking back (isn't it funny how it all becomes a little clearer then?!) I've also realised that I am a pretty creative person and that a life of academia massively stifled this, it also didn't help that I get bored quite easily, I constantly need to be challenged, Its how I thrive.
Saying all this I don’t regret going to university, I wouldn’t have got my current job, or even be who I am now without that experience. I genuinely don’t believe in regrets. I guess the purpose of me writing this post is to say that University can be awesome but it’s not for everyone and can be hard going if your hearts not in it.
I just want people to follow their hearts and know that everything happens for a reason and contrary to all the hype out there at the moment, uni isn’t the be all and end all! If one person reads this and can relate then that’s why I’m writing this post, so people don’t feel alone. There is so much hype about how amazing uni is and what an experiencee it is, I just want people to know that it’s okay if you’re not enjoying it, if you find it hard and it’s not all sparkles and glitter.
I apologise for the waffle and hope it makes sense? If nothing else, its been pretty therapeutic for me putting all this into words. Odd post for me hey! But I would love to hear about others experiences of uni?


  1. I LOVE this post, and am so glad to hear some refreshing honesty. I hated uni, I got more depressed than ever and now I study at home and it's SO much better- different ways work for everyone! :) xxx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. I wish I had moved home! think it may have been a better experience for me then! But hey ho, I don't think id be who I am now without out and life's pretty great :) Your so right, different things work for different people! xxx

  2. What a brilliant post Gemma. This is a topic which is incredibly close to my heart, as it is something I really believe in. I left school after GCSE year, and really have no regrets. I knew that I never wanted to go to University. I am not a career woman. As long as i have a nice job then I will be happy. Currently I work in an office and it is all I ever wanted to do. I hate remarks from people, who say that I am so intelligent I should have gone to university. I really don't think it makes you more of a person if you go or not. It saddens me that students in my old school are all persuaded to go to university and a lot of them just go for the sake of it. I wish I could tell them all that there are other options out there!

    1. Thanks Grace! I think people should be more encouraged to do what makes them happy not what they think is the right thing. Everyone's different, and uni is definitely not for everyone! xxx


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