Sunday, 10 May 2015

OOTD: A Casual Weekend Look!

Reasons id be a terrible fashion blogger... I don’t have a tripod, I somehow managed to trip over it and break it, boo! I am single so don’t have a lovely boyfriend to take pictures of me. My house isn’t all painted white and spotless (how do they actually live like that?!), I don’t have any good backgrounds to take photos against. I am not particularly ‘fashionable’, I mainly wear the same thing, a predictable outfit for me is a black top, skinny jeans and converse trainers. It’s simple and easy! However once and a while I swap it up a bit and I like what I’m wearing so therefore I thought id share it with you all! So excuse the fact I haven’t got a full body shot, but I hope you like the snap shots of my outfit! It’s so darn comfy and is a weekend staple outfit for me!

TOP: Asos, SHORTS: New Look, TIGHTS: Wolford*, SHOES: Converse, FLOWER HAIR BAND: New Look, NECKLACE: A Gift.


  1. You look great!! Oooh, expensive tights!!!! I lost one tripod and a friend borrowed the second one for their wedding and broke it and just gave it back broken. So cross with them.x

  2. Lovely weekend look! It's always nice to be comfortable at the weekends and just chill xx

  3. Gorgeous outfit hun! Love the photo too, such a pretty blog

    CharlotteSamantha //

  4. Love the shorts - I always seem to keep mine for when i go on holiday - i should dog them out and wear them at the weekend x


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