Sunday, 3 May 2015

What I'm Loving Lately #1

1.       Cashew Cookie Nak’d bars – I am obsessed with these things! I am not particularly convinced they are that healthy for you as they are 4 pro points on weight watchers (useless fact of the day for you!) but as they are mainly made from prunes I am conning myself that it’s better for me than chocolate! Plus they are actually really yummy!
2.       Pretty Little Liars – I have 4 episodes of this left to watch on Netflix and I am already panicking over what to watch next! I love this show and worried I am going to suffer from a post TV show hangover... so I have slowed down my viewing marathon sessions and are taking my time to watch these last few episodes! Any ideas on what TV series I should move onto next on Netflix would be gratefully received!
3.       Lipsticks and Lashes Book Swap! – You may have seen a while ago that I wrote this post about doing a book swap. Well a number of lovely ladies signed up to join in and my parcel from the gorgeous Katie arrived a couple of weeks ago. She sent me ‘Trust in Me’ which is one of her favourite books and ‘The Unfinished Sympathy of You and Me’ which I’ve wanted to read for a while! I have just started reading ‘Trust in Me’ and I like it so far! Have you read either of these?
4.       Orelia London Jewellery – I was lucky enough to be sent this necklace and these earrings and they are just stunning! I’ve had lots of compliments about both, they are very simple yet stand out. LOVE THEM! Saying that though, I have my eye on quite a few items on Orelia London’s website as they have so many fab pieces, I think next pay day I may be making a cheeky order!

5.       Weldmars Colour Run – a few weeks ago now our local hospice, Weldmar who are an amazing charity and do an incredible job,  held a 4k colour run to raise some funds and I went down and joined in with a few of my friends. It was so much fun! We thought we would walk most of it but ended up jogging it all! We got absolutely coated in a variety of bright colours! It was such a good laugh and I would definitely recommend doing one if there’s one being held in your local area. I’ve heard Weldmar are going to be doing another one next year so I will definitely be going and doing it again!


  1. Oooh, the books sound good! You could march all of The House of Elliott on YouTube which is what I did!!x
    P.S. finally cancelled my Glitterati but before I did, was sent an invite to a Glitterati party (which you paid £30 for) but you get food, a goodie bag AND the chance to make your own fascinator-I'm busy then but it did sound intriguing. However, I got my final parcel yesterday and May's one is a corker!! X

  2. Colour runs are the best, I run them in my city too! The colours kinda distract people from how sweaty and tired I usually look after a run haha! x

  3. I've never done a colour run before but they look like so much fun when i've seen the photos of the ones that my friends have done! The Orelia london jewellry looks so beautiful! Simple and really pretty! I love pretty little liars too, i'm not quite caught up yet, but i'm trying to take my time as I hate getting to the end of a series as then you have to find something else to watch instead!

    Love Amylou x

  4. I'm going to be honest - I haven't found anything to fill the PLL void since watching the last episode but Orange Is The New Black is a pretty good substitute if you need something to get over your PLL hangover with!

    Emma xx || Her Glamourati

  5. How gorgeous is that necklace! So pretty! I know pll finished weeks ago but I still spend everyday reading theories. I'm so lost without it haha

  6. i really need to get some of those naked bars!

    from helen at

  7. I'm crazy addicted to PLL! I can't wait for the new season to start up! Also, a book swap sounds like so much fun..I love swapping in general!

    Priyanka |

  8. I am addicted to Pretty Little Liars. Back in 2010 I only watched a few episodes and lost track of when it was coming on. Fast forward 5 years later and I've started watching it again. I'm currently on season 3. Due to the hype I've seen a few spoilers I'd rather not of seen but so far so good. I also love the Naked Bars.. some of the flavours are a little iffy but my favourite is chocolate orange xx

    Kate | A British Sparkle


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