Saturday, 16 February 2013

Line them up!

I am a huge fan of eye liner  for my dark eyes I feel it really opens them up and I could at a push go without most products except mascara and eye liner. Without both I would feel naked!

I use a pencil for the inside rim, top and bottom – My favourite is Channel ………………. It stays on well and doesn't end up underneath my lower lashes in a smudge/smeared fashion like some do. I was recommended it by a friend and was a bit apprehensive about the price tag, but on a bit of splurge one day I thought I’d give it ago.


I then use MAC gel liner to line my upper lashes. I've only recently been introduced to gel liner (yes I know! Where have I been?!) I was out one evening and after a few drinks was chatting to some random girl in the loo's, as you do, and I noticed her eye liner was still perfectly in place even though she was slurring her words. I was insanely jealous as usually after a night of cocktails and hard core bad dancing my eye liner tends to give me a severe case of panda eyes. So it was all thanks to random drunk girl that I was introduced to the wonders of gel eye liner  So at 3am I went home and jumped straight on-line to order my MAC gel liner. Sadly I have no where that sells MAC nearby, Boo! The joys of living in a small seaside town.


So a few days later it arrived and all I can say is its bloody fab! I've had my little tub for a while and it lasts ages, it applies smoothly and doesn't run or smudge. You do need a good stable hand in order to apply but with a little practice and the right brush you soon get into the swing of it. The right brush is key here! The first one i tried was cheap and nasty didnt apply well and was just damn right annoying. I then found Topshop make up brushes and I would highly recommend Topshops Liner brush.


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