Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Tinted or Tainted

 I am a giant wimp! I love trying new products out but anything you can’t wipe away with a good old make up wipe I am a bit more cautious of. Those who know me know I hate my eyebrows. I also have dark hair so they need to be regularly waxed and kept in check, they also start off quite dark and thick and then fade out and go super thin. This leads to me often getting asked if id over plucked them, err nooo I didn't  Why would you ask someone that?! Perhaps I'm too polite?

Anyway a few people had suggested that I get them tinted and I was unsure at first as I had visions of myself with a full on scouse/mono brow. Not a look I want to be walking around with! So with a little bit of courage plucked out of nowhere off I went to my lovely beauty salon to get them tinted. They basically paint dye onto them, you wait a little bit, and they then wipe the excess off and abracadabra! I have amazing eyebrows! I'm really pleased with them, they are so subtle that not many people have noticed but to me it’s quite a difference. I have been told they should last around 3 weeks and perhaps longer if I'm gentle with them. I can be a little OCD and use a gentle face scrub every day so we shall see how long they last. I definitely will be getting this done regularly now as I love the way it looks!


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