Friday, 31 May 2013

Review: Topshop Lip Bullets

Red lips seem to be having a major moment, as I normally go for pinks and coral shades, red seems a bit more out there for me. However, never being one to shy away I thought I would take the plunge and start experimenting with reds.
Coinciding with this Topshop have released their Lip Bullets (can you see where we are going with this... I am amazing at talking myself into buying new products, any excuse!) I’m already a huge fan of Topshop’s lipsticks and they come in a range of gorgeous shades and stay on forever!

I decided to go for the ‘Joyride’ Lip Bullet which is a gorgeous bright red. I found it easy to apply and its quite moisturising, a bit of a cross between a lipstick and a lip gloss. It left a lovely sheen and finish.


I think I may have actually converted to being a bit of a fan of red lips! I love the colour and think it kind of suits me.
The only ‘meh’ point I have about this product is that you need to keep reapplying constantly. It’s not very long wearing which is a shame.


  1. Looks like a lovely colour, I haven't tried the bullets yet but I really like their lip sticks so might give 'em a whirl!

  2. I am yet to try Topshop make-up, but this looks lovely!


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