Thursday, 1 August 2013

Alternative to Ombre Hair

So I used to fully embrace the Ombre Hair look, it’s been on trend for a while but mine completely dried out my hair and by the time I was brave enough to venture to the hairdressers all they could do was cut a good few inches off. SOB! That was a few months ago and I was desperately trying to make my hair grow long, so I am still little traumatised by the whole situation!

However lessons were learnt and I’ve been on a massive mission to look after my hair and keep it in good condition. This has involved regular cuts, yes regular, I used to be terrible at this only going once every 6 months, now I go every 8 weeks, get me! I have also invested in Moroccan oil, which truly is a miracle product, as well as a tangle teaser and various other moisture products.

I’ve also been behaved and only coloured my hair dark brown as recommended by my hair dresser as she said it would help the condition. I’m still trying to grow my hair but getting a bit bored, anyone else find it gets to your shoulders and takes a year long pit stop there?? So to waiver said boredom I felt a colour change might to the trick! I loved my Ombre hair but was worried id end up back at square one if I did that again, so I made a compromise.... I coloured the middle layer blonde, so it looks like flashes of blonde at the end, with the rest of my hair a chocolate brown.
I love this look and I don’t need to worry about roots as you can’t see them! Also looks good up with I like. So I found an alternative to the Ombre look but one that suits me better! Happy Days!


  1. Great idea! Ombre can be so damaging even when you're looking after your hair, this is a great alternative! x

  2. Definitely suits you!

    Check out my blog:

  3. Hey, just to let you know i have nominated you for the Leibster Blog award. I'll leave a link to my post so you can get all the rules and the questions and stuff. Your blog is lovely! xx

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous! It's an added bonus that you don't have to pay attention to your roots, huh? ;)

    xx Kim


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