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BOOK CLUB TAKEOVER: Charlotte from 'Hello, I'm Char'

Here are my thoughts… I LOVE hearing other people’s views and reviews on pretty much anything especially books! Some of my favourite reads are ones that have been suggested by other people. So thinking along those lines,’ The Book Club Takeover’ was born! Hopefully each week I will bring to you a post from one of my lovely and amazing fellow bloggers who will in turn share with you what their favourite book is, why they love it and a review. I hope you enjoy this feature as much as I do!
Me: Charlotte Postings
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I call my blog a beauty blog, but now, it's definitely leaning towards lifestyle, as I love to post about anything and everything! It's a place for me to review products, tell you about my day, post outfits, wishlists, receipes, DIY's and whatever I fancy. When I get asked what I blog about, I say "me" because that's it really. I hope you'll check out my little space on the internet.

Choosen Book: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
Review: After reading this I am sat with tears filling my eyes. This book is absolutely heartbreaking and makes me really appreciate everything in my life and it's made me realize that one day were all going to die, no doubt about it and it's made me want to really do something with me life before it's all over.
Will Traynor is stuck in a wheelchair with no movement, and has to be fed by someone else. Louisa was his carer, but she soon became more than that. She was company, a friend, someone he loved, the only reason he lived. The only thing that made him happy anymore. But that didn't mean he was going to change his mind about going to Switzerland for suicide. There was nothing she could do about it. Even though she tried. She thought she could make a difference. She told him she loved him, but he just said that wasn't enough. I guess his time had just come and that was it.
I really did think that he wouldn't die, and that they'd live happy and everything would be okay. But towards the end, as I gripped onto the pages, I knew what was coming. In felt my heartbreak. I felt for Louisa, I really did feel her for. This man, Will Traynor, has changed her life completely, made her believe in herself, made her see the talent that she held, made her realise there was more to live for, more to do and see in the world. & in return, she made him happy. The last six months of his life, were the happiest he had ever been and that was more than enough for him. He was leaving this world knowing he had something, even if he couldn't hold onto it. Will felt like he was just going to ruin Louisa's life.
This is a story of friendship and love, and just an ordinary girl, meeting an extraordinary man, and being put into a really awkward situation, that she didn't think she could cope. But, by the end of the book, even though she has filled with sadness, I felt that Louisa was better than she had ever been. The book makes you really think about your life and what your doing, and it really made me cry.

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