Sunday, 18 August 2013

Food: Dorset Mess

This is my all time favourite desert, its Eton Mess with my own spin on it hence being a Dorset Mess! Being on Weight Watchers diet at the moment I wasn’t really sure what deserts I could have without using up all my pro points for the week in one go. That is until I came across Elmlea Light Single Cream Alternative and realised its ZERO points!! Therefore meaning this whole desert is only THREE, yes THREE pro-points which is for the meringues!
·         Elmlea Light Single Cream Alternative
·         3 mini meringue nests
·         Blueberries
·         Strawberries
·         Raspberries
What to do:
1.      Cut up the fruit to your liking and place in a serving bowl.
2.      Take 3 mini meringues and smash them up using a rolling pin, so they are in small pieces.
3.      Add the meringue into the bowl with the fruit and mix together.
4.      Pour the Elmlea Light Single Cream Alternative over the top to your liking.
Voila! A yummy desert for only 3 weight watcher pro points!


  1. Ah man that looks incredible - I love anything that comes with meringue!

  2. Going to have to make this! Looks so yummy!

  3. Look amazing! Love a good Eton mess can't believe it's only 3 points!! x


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