Sunday, 6 October 2013

Autumn Clear Out!

So I had a pretty rubbish start to the day, I, like thousands of others spent the morning on the house phone, my mobile, my laptop and the ipad trying to get me some glasto action. Sadly me and Glastonbury Festival weren’t meant to be and I didn’t manage to get any tickets. Heartbroken is an understatement but I managed to pull myself together and have a reasonably productive day for a Sunday!
The last few weekends I’ve had something on and not really had a chance to catch up with things and get organised. Also I don’t know how everyone else feels, and I don’t whether it’s because of the however many years of education we endure, but Autumn always feels like new beginnings to me. It makes me want to clear out my life and start a fresh. So today I decided to start with my wardrobe and get a few bits on eBay. I am on a mission to try and save a few pennies at the moment, and I have so many bits of clothing that I though I might as well see if can sell a few pieces.
I am a nightmare when it comes to clothes! I love shopping and have no will power, my wardrobe is over flowing. Seriously I have a pile of stuff on the floor as have nowhere to put it. So enough is enough! I pulled out everything and put them into three piles of stuff I’m keeping, stuff to bin and stuff to sell. I found tops and dresses with the labels still on!
I feel so much better now after having a clear out, it’s a bit therapeutic. My bedroom looks a bit like a bombs hit it now but hey ho! I even started putting a few bits on eBay. Check out my page here, I will be adding more over the next few weeks.
I also caught up on my blog today, and a bit of blog admin. All my emails (well most of them...) have been actioned or replied to. I also wrote a few posts as well as two guest post, which I’m really excited about and I will tell you more about soon.
All in all I’m quite pleased today, I’ve had a pretty productive day. Go me! Hopefully it will mean this week will be pretty cool as I’m sort of up to date for me! For a severely disorganised person I’m feeling pretty together!


  1. Haha, i neeeeed to have a clear out big time!!!!:)
    You should do a blog sale too!

    Lovely blog, i'm a new follower!:)
    Please visit my blog too..

    Hugs, Brittany, xx

  2. I love having a good clear out! I've recently got rid of so much stuff, it's a great feeling :) x

  3. I love having a clear out! I need to finish clearing out my wardrobe I got halfway through but got distracted by some old things I haven't worn for a while! Lovely post xx

  4. It's always good to have a good clear out, and then you don't feel so bad for getting new stuff xx

  5. I am rubbish at clearing stuff out, bit of a hoarder I think. :(

  6. I love having a clear out! I've got rid of so much stuff, but sometimes I'm like "oh I may wear this again" but I know that I won't haha

  7. Oooh a good clear out cleanses the soul! ha ha!
    I used to buy and then the clothes would sit unworn in my wardrobe but I am so careful now. If I can't see myself wearing it until it has holes I won't buy it!!

    Georgie x

  8. Lovely blog! I really need to do an Autumn clearout, I have waaaaay too many clothes still with tags on!

  9. I starting clearing out my wardrobe last weekend as well - think it's going to have to continue this weekend as well! Plus I'm off to a swishing event next week which is going to both a blessing and a curse - I can get rid of some things but who knows how much I'll come home with! :-) x


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