Thursday, 16 January 2014

Autumn/Winter Lipsticks

Hello, My name is Feranmi and I'm from Perfect Imperfections. I thought I would share with you all the lip products I've been loving this autumn and will continue to wear during the colder months.
In terms of lip care, I normally exfoliate my lips everyday with a toothbrush because no one wants that crusty chapped look, I also use a lip scrub weekly, I like making my own scrub and this week I'm using lemon and sugar.
The first lipstick is the infamous Rimmel 107 from the new Kate Collection,I think this is the perfect shade for the colder months and I can truly say it does suit every skin colour. It is a deep red with hints of purple and its a matte formula. If you want a darker shade but is still close to red, I would advise you to pick this up. 
The next lipstick is a nude, I think even though people tend to wear more darker lip colours its still ok to wear a nude. It can be paired with a really heavy eye look, I have chosen the Rimmel 19 from the Kate Collection again. I think this is a nice browny type of nude (clearly I'm not good at describing colours) it really suits medium to darker skin tones. I would really recommend checking out the Kate Collection as they have some amazing colours and are reasonably priced.
Then next two products I have are from MUA and the  first one is their lip liner in brooding plum, this is very pigmented but when it comes to staying power it isn't the best of lip liners. This is something I'm willing to overlook because it is just £1. The next product is a lipstick from MUA in shade 1 and this a brighter red compared to the 107, I think i'm going to wear this lipstick closer to Christmas time.
The last product is a lip balm for days I don't want to wear a lipstick, this is the NYC Applelicious lip balm in Big Apple Red and I reviewed it sometime back. This is a very nice and moisturising lip balm with a red tint and I find it nice worn alone or under a lipstick.
Thank you so much to Gemma for letting me be a guest on her blog as I absolutely love her blog. If you would like to find me, my blog is called Perfect Imperfections and I'm on twitter @Feranmi75


  1. I love that the MUA lip liner has a sharpener! More pencils should be like that.
    I love Kate Moss 107, it's one of my favourites.

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic



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