Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Hopes and Dreams for 2014

Wow 2013 has been an odd year for me! In a good way I think, I’ve definitely grown as a person. I am much more confident, and I think I’m a lot more happier. I’ve spent the year saying ‘yes’ to more things and because of this I learnt the drums, how to knit, how to canoe and have had various fun adventures! I started my year in New York and I’ve ended it in Thailand! That is pretty cool! When I say ‘2013 has been an odd year’ I mean, in many ways it’s been so awesome, but I’ve also felt pretty static. Just kind of bumbling along, does that make sense?
So for 2014 I want to alter this! So here are my personal hopes and dreams in no particular order. Please note that this is a working document for me and something I want to come back and reflect on throughout the year. Also for the record these are New Years resolutions! Who actually sticks to those?! These are just a few of my hopes, dreams and aspirations...
1.    To say ‘yes’ more and to try new things. Something I started in 2013 but want to continue in 2014 as it’s only led to positive things!

2.    Be positive! I want to be one of those cheesy people who see the light in every dark situation. I truly believe positivity attracts positivity.

3.    To tick some items off my bucket list

4.    To visit some places I’ve never been to before, in the UK and abroad.

5.    To buy a house, Okay so this one may be a pipe dream but I want to save up and start heading towards this one!

6.    To learn the Ukulele!

7.    To stop hiding away and to put myself out there more and start dating again.

In terms of hopes and dreams for 2014 in regards to my blog, 2013 was the year I fell in love with blogging. I started to blog in 2012 but it wasn’t until part way through this year that I really got the blogging bug. So for 2014 my plan is to keep my blog moving forward, to nurture it, to enjoy my writing and to see what other excitement and adventures in brings me!
I also want to meet some blogging friends!! None of my real life friends blog and I would love some friends who do!
2013 has been a blast but I am so excited to see what 2014 may bring! I also just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to stop by and have a look at my ramblings here over the past year, it means the world to me!
P.S have I mentioned I’m in Thailand?! Whilst I’m away a few of my favourite bloggers will be stopping by to share their own hopes and dreams for 2014 with you all. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Have a happy 2014! I hope Thailand's lovely, I'm off there next year :)

    Good luck with your goals, I'm sure you'll manage them, I look forward to hearing about them!


  2. LOVE your resolutions and goals! I think you will be surprised how just by saying YES to more keeps life exciting and adventurous :) I can not wait to hear all about Thailand! Enjoy your time away and I look forward to seeing more blog updates! Cheers to new beginnings and new adventures!


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